OnePlus 3T going official on 15th November


After numerous rumors about the OnePlus 3T, the company has confirmed that it will be launching a new smartphone on 15th of November, the OnePlus 3T. As the name of the phone suggests, don’t expect a new phone altogether. OnePlus 3T is much likely to be an evolution instead of revolution. There are certain things we know about the phone and some we don’t.

OnePlus-3T Starting with the things we know about the OnePlus 3T, it will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 821SoC. It was confirmed by Qualcomm’s twitter feed. We are also sure that we won’t be seeing a major design change. The other thing that will remain the same is the amount of RAM the phone comes with. Yes, the phone will be sticking with the same 6GB of RAM and we are sure no one will complain.

From what we hear, the OnePlus 3T will have a larger 3300mAh battery to push the all-new display with QHD resolution. Unfortunately, rumors suggest that OnePlus will use LCD instead of Amoled due to shortage of Amoled display in the market. Another change that we are likely to see is in the imaging department where the phone gets all new Sony IMX395 sensor. The lens is also said to have f/1.7 aperture. OnePlus-3T

The OnePlus 3T will cost $480 with all these new features which is $80 bump in price. In Nepal, when the phone launches, we can expect the price of OnePlus 3T to be around Rs.60,000. We will keep you updated about the news. As always, thanks for reading our post. 


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