OnePlus One delayed again

OnePlus One delayed again

OnePlus created some serious hype in the smartphone market some months ago with their first smartphone One. They aimed to provide high-end smartphone experience with  phone priced only 300$. OnePlus One has the best specs for a smartphone today and there is no major flaw in this phone. Sadly, it isn’t available for general public. 

OnePlus One delayed againWhat’s more? OnePlus One is delayed again, for the third time. People have been waiting for this phone for months and this is too much. Many people including me are furious. This phone was supposed to be Nexus killer. OnePlus One had got everything right but we can’t buy it today. No matter how good the phone is, if it is not available to us, it is no good.

If you are not familiar with OnePlus One, here is the quick specs run down:
5.5″ Full HD Display (401 Pixels per Inch)
Snapdragon 801 CPU
Adreno 330 GPU
16GB/64GB internal storage (No Micro-SD support)
3100mAh battery
13MP Sony Sensor rear facing camera
4K Video Recording
5MP Front Facing Camera @ 1080p Full HD Video Recording

OnePlus One goes head on head with LG Nexus 5 which is Google’s pure Android smartphone which is priced similarly. However, OnePlus One has better specs all around. For instance, it has got 1GB RAM more, it has better speakers, bigger battery, bigger display and better camera. You won’t find a better phone in this price range. OnePlus One has really good look and feel too. When you are holding it, you will realise that you are indeed carrying a high end smartphone. To be honest, if this phone were to cost 500$, I would go and purchase this without a second thought. However, as OnePlus delays the phone, we can’t buy the phone even if we want yo,sadly.

OnePlus One when available can be bought for 300$ for 16GB and 350$ for 64GB. It will be available in blak and white color. Availablity is still unknown. Stay tuned in this blog for more news about the OnePlus One.

Source: GSMArena


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