OTTO Rio: Making Bar Phones cool again!!


OTTO, a new personal digital electronic brand in the Nepalese market made a grand debut with the OTTO Mark, their first smartphone. But alongside the Mark, OTTO launched the OTTO Rio which basically is a bar phone. I know, in this day and age all of us use a smartphone right?? Right?? Not exactly, a large population of Nepal still use and rely upon bar phones. It is still that popular here! So the Rio from OTTO, what is so great about this Bar Phone? Well, let’s find out.



The first thing that stands out about the OTTO Rio is its design. It looks cool for a bar phone, especially in the fiery red color or Love Red as OTTO likes to call it. The silver trim surrounding the phone and the home button screams quality. And those enlarged keys with no borders will definitely help elderly folks to easily press the buttons. One of the major problems with other bar phones is that the keys are too small and people have a hard time making out and pressing the numbers. But that is no more the issue with the Rio. In all that goodness, the phone packs a 2.3-inch curved screen covered by Tianma Glass. And inside, the Rio sports a MediaTek MT6261D processor which is more than enough for a phone of the caliber. It also has 32MB of RAM and 32MB of ROM which can be expanded via a Micro-SD card up to 32GB. The Rio also supports dual sim cards giving users the flexibility of using 2 phone numbers at the same time.

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In the camera department, the phone packs a 1.5MP rear camera which is very low even for a bar phone in my opinion. Parents definitely won’t be taking their daughters/sons first steps in this phone. Moving on, like any other bar phones it has all the basics like a bright torchlight, an FM radio, a loudspeaker in check. What you don’t get with other bar phones is a dedicated external K power amplifier audio chip for better and louder sound output. This makes the experience of listening music or the morning Bhajans more enjoyable. And finally, powering this phone is a 1500 mah battery which will last you for days and days on a single charge. And oh! you also get a fancy dock charger with the phone which doubles as a bedside clock stand. I mean how cool is that!


The phone as of right now is available in three color variants, the Love Red, Bliss White and Jet Black for a price of just Rs 2,896.  Overall, the Rio looks to be a good bar phone with all the needed features in check with few extras. I am not telling you to drop your smartphone and buy this bar phone. But if you are in the market for a second smartphone for casual calls or if you plan to gift your parents or grandparents a new phone without having to spend much or look cheap while doing so then give this phone a thought. This definitely will be a great phone for your parents who would otherwise have a difficult time using a smartphone. Older folks also will be able to enjoy some old music or Bhajans and look cool in the process with this phone. To buy this phone visit Lee Mobi Care, 4th Floor, Civil Mall located at Sundhara.


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