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Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unboxing: What’s Inside?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is undoubtedly the best smartphone you can buy in Nepal right now. Sure, it’s also the most expensive Android phone, but just remember that you won’t be able to buy a better phone even if you are willing to pay more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ available


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+ are both available for purchase across Nepal. The price of the Galaxy Note 10 in Nepal is Rs. 116,000 while the Galaxy Note 10+ is priced at Rs. 135,000.

Is the Redmi K20 Pro worth Rs. 50,000 in Nepal

After the Pocophone, Xiaomi is looking to shake the smartphone market of Nepal with the Redmi K20 Pro. For those who didn’t know already, the K20 Pro is the flagship phone of Redmi- Xiaomi’s sub-brand. The price of Redmi K20 Pro in Nepal is Rs. 50,000 which is comparable pricing compared to the international pricing.. In article article, let’s find out whether the K20 Pro is worth your money.

Which one to buy? Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10?

This is the first time that Samsung released more than one Note device with two different screen sizes. We got the Note 10 and the larger Plus variant, besides the 5G variant which isn’t coming to Nepal. It’s a story similar to that of the Galaxy S10. With 6 months of difference in launch, the Galaxy Note 10 and the S10 closely resemble one another. Here’s a big question, which one should you choose? In this article, let’s find out.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 launched in Nepal for Rs. 116,000


Samsung Nepal has just revealed the pricing of Galaxy Note 10 in Nepal. The price of Galaxy Note 10 in Nepal is Rs. 116,000 while the Galaxy Note 10+ is priced at Rs. 135,000. Both the phones are available for prebooking. Pre-bookers get Galaxy Buds for free. Those who aren’t interested in the Buds can choose between the Galaxy Watch Active and the Samsung’s Full HD curved monitor( buyers will need to add Rs. 12,000 for the watch or the monitor).

Samsung Galaxy S10 Performance Review


The Galaxy S10 that launched in Nepal comes with the most powerful Exynos processor out there, the Exynos 9820. The RAM size varies on the S10 depending on model and Internal storage capacity- ranging from 6 GB all the way up to 12 GB, though the latter is only available on the S10+.

Xiaomi Mi Band 4 official with Color AMOLED display

Xiaomi has officially launched the Xiaomi Mi Band 4 in China. The new fitness tracker from Xiaomi gets a host of new features which should appeal to a broader range of audience. The Mi Band 3 was never officially launched in Nepal, however, due to high demand, we could see the market flooded with grey-market Mi Band 3s. Will the Mi Band 4 launch in Nepal? We aren’t entirely sure yet but will keep you posted.

Consider these things before you buy a Huawei phone

If you haven’t been living under a rock, by now, you should have read about the trade tension between China and the US. You should also be aware that the US government isn’t particularly fond of Huawei in concerns of privacy and security. The US government had initially banned the US government officials from buying the Huawei phones and other Huawei products. It then stopped Huawei from setting up 5G network infrastructure in the US. None of this mattered to us, the Nepalese living in Nepal. But of recent, there has been a new development that you should be aware about if you are thinking of buying a new Huawei phone. And here’s all you need to know.

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