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Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 Review: Quite a bargain


As a tech savvy, I wouldn’t mind spending about Rs.50,000 or so on a good smartphone. But that’s clearly not the case for everyone. Also, if you don’t want to put a dent in your pocket for a phone and want something that simply works without much fuss, you may want to look at something much cheaper. For a price of Rs.14,590, the Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 can surprise you in many areas. The Galaxy J2 is Samsung’s popular budget phone from the J-series lineup and its revamped 2018 version is aimed at offering you most of what you need in a phone. Let’s out more about the Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 in this in-depth review. 

HTC U12+ launched with 4 cameras


HTC’s flagship for 2018, the HTC U12+ is here now. Yes, it is U12 ‘plus’, even if there’s only one phone, because HTC wants customers to know that it is a big phone! Names aside, the HTC U12 does have quite a few improvements over last year’s U11. What are they? Find out in this HTC U12+ overview. 

Samsung Galaxy J2 2018 launched in Nepal for Rs.14590


Samsung, being Samsung, is expanding its smartphone market in all sectors from budget to niche ones. And in the process, it’s expanding its J-series with new phones like Galaxy J6, Galaxy J4 and Galaxy J2. While the Galaxy J6 is set to release in Indian markets very soon, the J4 is bound to launch next month, and now, it’s time for the budget-oriented Galaxy J2 to make its debut. Today, Samsung launched the Galaxy J2 2018 in Nepal for Rs.14590

Samsung Galaxy J8 Launched with Infinity Display


Samsung has gone all out and launched over 4 phones in less than a day. The Samsung Galaxy J8 is the newest phone in the Galaxy J-series and it sits on the top of the hierarchy. The Galaxy J8 is the second phone in the lineup to come with Infinity Display. In addition to that, the phone also gets Dual-Cameras. The expected price of Samsung Galaxy J8 in Nepal is Rs. 30,000.

Samsung Galaxy J4 Goes Official with Amoled Display

Samsung has officially launched the Samsung Galaxy J4. It is a smartphone targeted to Asian markets. It is first launching in Pakistan followed by India. We can expect the phone to launch in Nepal by the end of next month. The price of Samsung Galaxy J4 is still not confirmed. 

Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 Launching on May 22


There’s one reason why Samsung is on the top of the smartphone game. One of the big reason is that it caters to all market segments. From the high end to all the way down to budget phones, Samsung has got it all set up. And so, to expand its mid-range segment, the company is all set to launch the Samsung Galaxy J6 2018 in a few days. While the Galaxy J6 will land in Europe on May 21, the company plans to release the smartphone just the following day in India on 22nd of May. 

Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo launched in Nepal with Dual Camera


Samsung Mobile Nepal has launched the 2018 Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo. The phone is the successor to the earlier 2017 Galaxy J7 Duo. The company had been teasing its phone for quite a while now. The price of Samsung Galaxy J7 Duo 2018 in Nepal is Rs.28,990. 

Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 launched in Nepal for Rs.60,000


Samsung has just launched the Samsung Galaxy A8+ 2018 in Nepal and it comes loaded with features. Although the Galaxy A8+ 2018 is a premium mid-range, the features it offers is flagship grade. The price of Samsung Galaxy A8+ (Plus) in Nepal is Rs.59,990. What does the phone offer? Let’s find out!

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