PC sales going down!

PC sales going down!
PC sales going down and tablets are to be blamed!

PC or Personal computers were and are the greatest invention of all times. From time of Charles Babbage to the time of Bill Gates, computer has been the most talked about product. PCs especially desktops were among the best upgrades that we ever saw in the history. From a 1000 sq.ft huge 1st generation computer, we have come down to micro-computer which does the same task but effectively. PCs really changed the way we communicated with each other. PC revolutionized technology completely. But things are slowly changing as tablets are taking over PCs itself!

PC sales going down!
Tablets are more portable and just as powerful as a Notebook!

Yes, you heard it right! PC sales is going down rapidly every year as tablets are on the rise. It looks like tablets are more preferred by general people than PCs. By PC, I mean, desktops, laptops and Ultrabooks which mostly run Windows operating system. Tablets are mainly taking over laptops and ultrabooks, ie portable PC’s. Though tablets are not as powerful as laptops, people buy it due to its easy touch interface and high resolution screen. For a normal user who opens his/her PC for web browsing, watching YouTube videos and using Facebook, tablets can be a better alternative. However, for a software programmer or a hardcore gamer, tablets are not going to meet their all requirements as PCs are much more powerful in that case. Tablets however have become more productive now a days as Windows 8 and Windows RT are fully functional in tablets. Battery life is no problem either as the new Intel Atom processors are powerful in performance and  just as power efficient in battery consumption. New tablets like Dell Venue 8 pro and Lenovo Lynx are just perfect example of what I mean to say. Although, they are not just as powerful to run Adobe Photoshop CS6, they can be very good for less intensive tasks. The god thing about these tablets is that they can run all day long in a single charge!

PC sales going down!

The thing is a person who owes a PC usually buy tablets because of their portability and good battery life but many tablet users refuse to buy a PC. Even Windows 8 release has not been able to keep the PC sales up. It looks like people are more attracted towards touch screen interface. Most tablets which run on Google Android and iOS are selling like pancakes which PC sales is going down. Few years later, don’t be surprised to seen  tablet PCs running full Windows 8 like the Microsoft Surface RT pro. In 2014, expect fall of PC sales like never before. The time has come. PCs are finally going down. Tablets are on the rise!!! Dell, Lenovo and Acer seem to be making really good Windows 8 tablets which are really impressive. Dell Venue 8 pro is a 8″ Windows 8 tablet which looks gorgeous and just costs 299$ for 32GB model.

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