Is Pokemon Go Banned in Nepal?


Here’s a very sad news for the Pokemon Go players in Nepal! It looks like Pokemon Go is banned in Nepal. The thing is Pokemon Go was never launched in Nepal. We, the hardcore players, somehow found a way to get the game installed. However, it looks like Niantic isn’t very happy with unauthentic downloads.




As of now, you can open Pokemon Go alright but you will be disappointed to find that there are no Pokemons nearby. All the Pokestops and Gyms are now gone!

In addition to that, no matter how far you go running, the distance for the egg to hatch won’t decrease. All you can do right now is view your Pokemon and evolve and use StarDust to increase the CP of Pokemons.

We don’t know when the issue will be fixed. We most probably have to wait until Niantic officially launches the game in Nepal. It most probably is due to the game launching in Japan today. Niantic for sure doesn’t want to overload the server in the day of launch of Pokemon Go in Japan.

Here’s an update:



  1. Really Disappointed!! now how can i live without using this app?? hope to see this app launch in Nepal soon. 🙁
    #PokemonGo #PokemonGoNepal


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