Pokemon GO launched in Nepal- Will you play?


After 5 months from the initial launch date, Pokemon Go has been finally launched in Nepal. You can now download the game officially from the Google Play Store.

The Pokemon Go craze got us Nepalese folks like any other country in the world. People could be seen playing the game all over the streets of Nepal. The number of people playing the game was crazy to think of. But on July 22, Niantic the creators of Pokemon GO geo-blocked the game here leaving dozens of fans really unhappy. People were desperately waiting for the game to launch but alas! it didn’t. Loyal Pokemon GO fans waited and waited for the game to be unblocked. But that didn’t happen so and many loyal Pokemon loyalists including myself had given up on the game. We were frustrated and didn’t want anything to do with the game.

But today ( 14/12/16) Niantic finally woke up, smelled the coffee and released the game officially to Nepal and also India. The app is in version 0.49.1 which brings a lot of improvements and features than the time we played it a couple of months ago. There is a new tracking method and also a player to player battle simulator among other various changes. We also hear Niantic is working on bringing 2nd generation Pokemon into the game. Players will soon be able to catch the ever so cute Togepi and Pichu.


This is all well and good but the main question is will the Nepalese people play the game once again? Will the craze continue? Well, many people were very angered and frustrated with the move from Niantic and swore to never the play the game. With the game losing its charms across the globe, I see only die-hard Pokemon fans playing the game. But we never know, nostalgia may prevail above all else.

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