Price of PS Vita in Nepal

Price of PS Vita in Nepal

PS Vita was never officially announced by Sony in Nepal. Just as PS3, PS Vita can be purchased from re sellers and prices will differ from store to store. PS Vita is the best portable gaming console so far from Sony.

In fact, it is the most powerful gaming console with intense graphics power. PS Vita costs 199.99$ in U.S for 16GB which roughly translates to Rs. 20,000.00.But due to shipping charges and lack of official distributor, getting it for Rs.20,000 is nearly impossible. PS Vita will cost you Rs.32,000 in Bishal Bazzar which is the cheapest price around. You can purchase your PS Vita in 1st floor at several shops there. It is the best place for buying all kinds of gaming consoles like PS2, PS3, Xbox, Nintendo 3DS and other gaming consoles. Also note that you can only buy Wi-Fi models in Nepal as the 3G models cost Rs.12,000 more than Wi-Fi models.
The specification of PS Vita is as follows:

  • 5″ Oled Display
  • 960 X 544 screen resolution
  • 16 Million color
  • Capacitive Touchscreen
  • Cortex A-9 Quad Core Processor
  • VGA front facing and rear facing Camera
  • 512MB Primary Memory (RAM)
  • 128MB VMemory
  • Built-In Stereo speakers and microphones
  • Multi-Touch Rear touch-pad
  • Six-Axis Motion Sensing System
  • 2210mAh Battery
  • Dual Analog Sticks
  • Built in Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
The specs may not look as good as that on a high end smartphone but trust me the games looks incredible and the gameplay of every game you play will be great. One thing there is to complain about the Vita is its proprietary memory card slot which really gets annoying at times. The battery life of the console is good and can last up to 8 hours. The Oled display has high contrast and the graphics look realistic to say the least! The buttons and the sticks are good and very responsive. You won’t be disappointed with either of those. The stereo speakers also get their job done as the sound is filled with bass which is impressive from a small device as this!
While the graphics in PS Vita is great, I would not recommend anyone to buy this console at this time. PS Vita has very few games and the system itself is very limited. While I wouldn’t say PS Vita is very expensive, there are smartphones with equivalent power which cost almost the same and have much more features. It may not be fair to compare a cell phone with a gaming console but they have technically the same core. Portable gaming console are slowly dying away and PS Vita is no exception. PS Vita is huge and ican’t fit in your pockets either. But, after me telling you all these, if you still want to get this system, go and visit Bishal Bazar and buy one! Thanks for reading the post. Stay tuned and stay updated!


    • 2-3 thousand ma paucha Vita ko game. And unless you are a hardcore portable console fan, I wouldn’t recommend ps vita in 2018. It clearly lacks the game library. 🙂

  1. Servicing ko facility chha ki chaina Bishalbajar ma??
    PS vita dead chha boot nai hudaina maybe board ma problem chha according to cellphone technician.

  2. Ps vita kati mahango ho
    Discount hudainw ps3 ps4 kine thik yo kinnu bhnada price ni ali kam bhayesi kinna sajilo ps3 ps4 ko price xa kun kinni kun hunxa

  3. I’m selling my PS Vita with games for a cheaper price and Negotiable. 🙂 I’m inside valley and Interested can please reply to me I’ll provide number later. Thank you❤️


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