PS Vita- Last portable gaming console from Sony

PS Vita to be the last portable gaming console from Sony
Sony PS Vita sales record is poor!

PSP was one of the most popular handheld gaming console with breath taking graphics ( at least at that time) all packed in a beautifully crafted portable device. It not only was a gaming console but a multimedia powerhouse!From playing videos to browsing Internet, it stopped at nothing. Observing the success of PSP, Sony launched PS Vita, the successor of the now dead PSP.

 However, PS Vita is having hard time to get noticed among the public. Though, it isn’t overpriced as the first batch of PS3, there are things which make it undemanding. Had there not been smartphones, trust me, PS Vita would have rocked the world. Unfortunately, the highly specced Smartphones are killing Vita day by day. Smartphones of today have high resolution screen which till date have extended up to full HD which packs much more pixels than PS Vita. The game library of Android and iOS is also way larger than that of PS Vita. 

PS Vita to be the last portable gaming console from Sony
Game library of PS Vita is significantly smaller than that of Android, iOS and Nintendo

PS Vita is good, no doubt about that but people want something more. They want one gadget that can do it all and smartphone is the only answer for that. If phones can make calls, browse the Internet, play movies and let us play games, then why bother to get a gaming console which doesn’t make phone calls or take superb photos? 

 PS vita hasn’t been doing well and won’t make any further progress either. The games look good than any other hand-held I have got ever hold of. The graphics are intense and the gameplay is good and is par to the graphics of PS3. But, people wouldn’t and won’t prefer to have smartphone in one of their pocket and Vita in the other. The other reason is the high price of PS Vita games and propitiatory memory sticks. While most Android and iOS games cost below 5$, PS Vita games cost above 50$ which is too expensive to say the least! People are getting into gaming in smartphones and don’t show any sign of changing their platform for playing games.

PS Vita to be the last portable gaming console from SonyPS Vita is dying and dying very fast. It looks as though PS Vita won’t impress people and new generation of Gaming console seems out of question. I, hereby want to state that PS Vita will be the last portable gaming console from Sony. Long live PS Vita! There are very few people who look for dedicated portable gaming console as they see smartphone as their means of playing gaming. Either Sony has to bring something revolutionary to get back in the game or they will have to call PS Vita the last of portable handheld gaming device. Portable gaming devices are ageing and nothing can probably stop it! 

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