Do you really need a new Smartphone?


I am a tech-savvy guy and people are all the time asking me what new smartphone should they get. I, then, recommend them a smartphone based on their requirement and most of the time, they thank me for helping them decide. But then I ask to myself, did the person make the right decision by buying a new smartphone in the first place?

Do-you-really-need-a-new-SmartphoneI write articles related to tech at and most of the time it is about smartphones. I write about smartphones because it is what people want to read! You will be hard pressed by surprise to find out that in Nepal alone, we have over 10 new smartphone models coming out every day and over 2000 people reach out to buy a new phone!

You can get smartphones in all price range. You get a phone that costs just one thousand rupees and also a phone which costs well over a lakh! The cheap ones sell a lot and the more expensive one sells in smaller volume. Consumers when they have money tend to go and buy a newer model which is faster, more efficient, has better camera and looks more stylish than the phones they currently own. But should you do so? Let’s find out!

If you own a phone that is just a year old, we sincerely think that there is no reason for you to upgrade your phone. There will be minimal changes you will see in the newer model. It just won’t be worth your hard earned cash. In addition to that, most of the smartphone manufacturers support their phones for at least two years. What it means is that your smartphone will always be up-to-date software wise. You may miss out on some fancy features but trust me you can live without them.

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Did you know that smartphones lose over 50% of their value in just a one year? If you have bought a phone in 2016 worth Rs.90,000, you won’t be able to sell it for more than Rs.40,000 in 2017! That’s a lot of money you lose in just a year. Sounds very disappointing, right? Okay then, what happens if you plan to sell the phone in 2018? This is where things get interesting. You will be able to sell the same phone for Rs.32,000. Not so bad now, is it?

The changes in each new iteration of a phone is very subtle and new features are far from earth shattering!

If you come from a management stream, you understand what is happening here. Smartphones tend to depreciate quickly in the first year and slowly afterwards. So, no, you shouldn’t get a new smartphone if the phone isn’t already 2 years old. Older phones seem to hold value for much longer. I clearly remember a time when I sold a phone after a year for the price I had purchased it in!

You may be one of those saying “I own a phone that’s 3 years old! Should I get a new one?” Not necessarily. The thing is there’s nothing that’s changed a lot in the past few years. Phones are becoming a tad bigger, battery of the phone seems to last a bit longer and the phone overall seems to be a bit faster. But there’s nothing revolutionary that has happened in the smartphone industry recently. It’s like we have reached a saturation point and there’s nothing new coming at us.

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Unless you are a power user who does everything in your smartphone itself, there’s really no reason for you to upgrade to a new phone.  Your phone will last a lot longer than you think it will. I don’t say it to everyone but it is the truth I am writing down in this article as I think it really needs to be addressed. Upgrade your smartphone only when you really need to and not when you want to. You will only end of getting disappointed!

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