Review On ADSL Routers in Nepal

Hello guys today I am here with a new review on ADSL routers in Nepal. In Nepal most of the people basically use ADSL service of NTC since all of the house owners have landlines and it is very easy to establish the connection.  I think you must have seen this router now days because it is the most popular router in market this time. So I thought that may be, I should list some best routers available today.


 TP-LINK RouterThis is the best router in the market now a days which can be seen in every corner of the street. It is packed with a lot of features and is a all rolled in one product with my “Best Buy” tag. It is ADSL router with ADSL2+ support. It has 4 Ethernet ports and a detachable antenna. It can also work as a NAT router with many services like port forwarding, bridge mode and many more. You will get power of 150Mbps WI-fi with range of around 60m radius. It supports all the security types such as WEP, WPA, WPA2/PSK and MAC filtering as well. The best function is the Wireless Access Point facility. You can use it as a repeater to amplify the wifi signal from other network. It is wireless N suppoting router with all B and G security as well.As NTC is also planning to bring IPTV service this router will give you a flawless service for your digital service and is also good for VOIP uses too. There is button at backward for turning the Wi-Fi on and off.

Digicom DG-5514T

DG-5514TThis is Digicom’s competitor in the market. It isn’t much popular in the market. This router is  150 Mbps ADSL router with 17dbm transmission power.It can provide up to 24Mbps and upstream up to 1Mbps  speed. It also supports 128 bit encryption. There is a WPS button which can help you to easily setup your secured wifi network. This router doesn’t have a detachable antenna so it is impossible to replace a powerful antenna in future. It has great new system WDS (Wireless Distribute System) for well managed wifi network and good bandwidth allotment. The best thing that I love is USB dongle is available optionally.

So you can now choose from the market.Each device has its cons and pros. For the TP-LINK you wont get much service.Since both routers will be provided with 1Years warranty but Digicom has a service center in Lainchaur from where you can repair your device even after the warranty time finishes by paying but TP-LINK can’t provide this. Digicom also has a USB through which maintenance is possible is router is bricked. TP-LINK has many facilities and is a lot faster to sync internet.It is an American company and has great durability. They both cost same around Rs 2800. Choose well and find the best dealer and please list their address and contact if you like other to find the dealer.


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