Samsung Galaxy Note 7: Dead and Gone


Samsung has officially announced the demise of their popular phablet, the Galaxy Note 7. A spokesperson for Samsung stated that “Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7.”


After the Note 7 exploding fiasco, Samsung held a global recall in pursuit of changing their faulty devices. They voluntarily replaced all Galaxy Note 7 and marked the new ones with a green battery indicator and a black dot on the box of the phone.  And so far they were able to do well until 7 “safe” Galaxy Note 7 exploded. Yes, the Note 7 which Samsung presumed to be safe exploded without any reason. And this was the trigger for the second recall and death of the Galaxy Note 7.

Since Samsung values the safety of their customers more than anything, yesterday they finally decided to take this step. Samsung also urges all of their customers who own the Note 7 to turn off their device and replace it with another phone or get a refund. Until yesterday, the decision was supposed to be temporary but today it has been confirmed that the Note 7 has been killed off permanently.


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This is a heart-breaking news for many loyal Note fans including myself. It pains me dearly to tell all you guys that the Note 7 is no more. We also hear that Samsung may permanently kill off the Note branding after this embarrassing incident. Rumor has it that the Note will be there but under a different name. This is a melancholy in Samsung’s history, one we can’t simply forget and put behind us. The Note line was my favourite lineup of smartphone and it definitely will be missed.

Samsung who will face a loss of $17 billion due to this debacle will have to work its way to regain its reputation. After years of backlash, Samsung had finally made a statement with the Galaxy S7/ Edge only to be overshadowed by the likes of the Note 7. Let this be a lesson for Samsung so that things like this never happen again. Hopefully, the fame and features of the upcoming Galaxy S8 will be able to take Samsung to the place it previously was.


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