Samsung Galaxy Note 7: What to expect in Nepal


Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is set to make its debut in August 2nd 2016. So, we are not that very far away from what appears to be the biggest smartphone launch in the history. What should make us all excited is the fact that it will launch in Nepal in the same time as the rest of the world. If you live in Nepal and you are looking for the top of the line smartphone, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is what you should be looking forward to. 

Samsung-Galaxy-Note-7-What-to-expect-in-NepalNote 7 will be the most powerful phone available at launch and probably for the rest of 2016. The rumoured specs of the Galaxy Note 8 include:

  • 5.8″ QHD Resolution Super Amoled Screen
  • 6 GB of RAM
  • 64GB Internal Storage in Base model
  • 12MP Rear Camera backed by 8MP Front Camera
  • 3600mAh Battery
  • IP68 Water and Dust Resistance
  • Curved Screen
  • 4K Video Recording
  • Iris Scanner and Finger Print Screen Protector

So, when is the phone going to hit the stores in Nepal? Most probably the end of August. That’s when we get to use the Note Series in Nepal every year! How much is it going to cost? Just as much as the Galaxy S7 Edge when it initially cost. You can expect the price of Samsung Galaxy Note 7 in Nepal to be Rs.90,000 at launch.

Just as with any other Samsung phone, we highly recommend you to hold your cash for a few months and get the phone then. The prices will drop significantly by then. We have seen prices drop up to 30% in just 3 months time.

If you are a power user, Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is the phone for you. Sure there are other phone in the high-specs department but none will be able to compete with the design, camera features/performance and display quality of the Galaxy Note 7.

We will keep you updated about the Galaxy Note 7. We will make sure that you guys are the first to know about the Galaxy Note 7 launch in Nepal. Do like and follow us on Facebook for tech news in Nepal. Thanks for reading this post.


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