Samsung Galaxy S10 Camera Review

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and S10+ are both very versatile mobile cameras with a focal range of 12mm – 52mm that cover the most common situations people use their cameras in. We test the Galaxy S10 in Pokhara to see how the phone really fares.

Samsung Galaxy Galaxy S10 / S10+ Camera Specs

Rear Camera System (3 cameras)

    • Primary: 27mm, f/1.5, 12 Megapixel, OIS, Dual-Pixel PDAF
    • Zoom: 52mm, f/2.4, OIS
    • Ultrawide: 12mm, f/2.2, 16 Megapixel

Samsung has put considerable effort into its camera making the S10 by far the best camera phone Samsung has made so far. Both the software and the hardware are up to the mark. galaxy-s10-camera-sample-review

The camera can be launched via the Home screen icon or by double-clicking the power button on the right of the phone.

The interface is very responsive and the essential controls are well placed. You can switch between the three cameras by using the three buttons above the shutter button. Meanwhile, shooting modes can be found by swiping sideways.

Low-light Performancefood-nepal-galaxy-s10

There are lots of smartphones capable of capturing excellent shots in decent lighting conditions. Samsung has been a little far off in low-light photography. But the Galaxy S10 changes all that. The S10 certainly is on par with the Pixel phones.

Low light photography is where mid-range phones really struggle. It’s only after dark that you can really tell the difference between a good camera phone and a great one.

The S10 has gotten rid of the optional Auto Enhance seen on last year’s S9 in favor of a new “Bright Night” mode. This mode is activated automatically when the scenario is not well-lit.

The results are noticeably brighter, delivering sharper detail and crisper colors than anything we’ve managed to capture on previous Samsungs.

Front Camera Performance

It’s safe to say that if selfies are your thing, you can’t possibly go wrong with the Galaxy S10. The front camera on the Galaxy S10 is excellent

While many competitors have prioritized brightness in low-light, Samsung has been refining the selfie camera so that it delivers realistic colors and skin tones both in indoor lighting and in bright, sunny conditions.

Beauty Mode is still there for those of us who want to achieve flawless skin without a costly regime.

But my favorite selfie mode by far is Live Focus. All you need to do is stretch your arm and make sure you’re in front of a good light source to snap nigh-on professional portraits.

The Galaxy S10+ has an even better front camera thanks to the two camera sensors on the front. However, the S10 is also really good.

Video Performance


The video quality, as well as the stabilization of the Galaxy S10, is great. The dynamic range is maintained well and so are the colors. Above you can see a short sample that I took in Pokhara.

Like last year’s S9, the Galaxy S10 can take slow-motion videos at 960fps. This year, the company has updated the algorithm and made the videos look even better. There’s the regular “Slow motion” at 240 frames-per-second at 1080p resolution, and “Super Slow-mo” with an amazing 960 frames-per-second at a reduced 720p resolution.

Super Slow-mo is limited to 0.2 seconds. But that’s plenty at this speed. In fact, you’ll be hard-pressed many smartphones with this slow-mo features

Just remember that, for best results, especially the ones recording at a high frame rate, you can never have too much light.


Samsung Galaxy S10 undoubtedly has one of the best cameras on any smartphone. The software and hardware communicate well and the results are fantastic. The phone takes great photos and videos.

The phones don’t introduce headline-grabbing gimmicks seen on a lot of other high-end handsets. Instead, the S10 brings you the latest in Samsung’s steady evolution of what is still the best smartphone on the market.

It’s got everything that you look in a premium smartphone camera in 2019. From the excellent wide-angle camera to the great portrait mode, the Galaxy S10 has you covered for everyday photography.


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