Samsung Galaxy S10: Long-term Battery Life Review


Coming from the Samsung Galaxy Note 9, one thing I really wasn’t happy about the Samsung Galaxy S10 was its battery endurance (well, at least at first). I have been using the Galaxy S10 for over 3 month now and I have to tell, things have changed quite a bit. Here’s what you need to know about the Battery life on the Galaxy S10.

When I first got the Galaxy S10, one thing I was worried about was the battery endurance of the phone. I had been using the Note 9 for over 6 months and the battery life had been exceptional. Since the Galaxy S10 packs in ‘only’ 3400 mAh battery, I knew I would be getting lesser in terms of battery life. And my first week of using the phone, my expectations turned to reality. And to be honest, the battery life had been worse than I had imagined. But then again, I had taken the phone with me on my trip to Pokhara and was using the phone all day and all night.

s10-battery-life-nepalAfter about a week of usage, I talked tomy friend Samrat (from and asked how his S10 was doing in terms of holding charge. He said it was doing great. In fact, he said the battery endurance was comparable to what he was getting on his Note 9. And then he added, he read on the web that the phone learns your usage habit and adapts accordingly. What he was saying made sense! I had been using my phone very differently as I was on a vacation. Probably, the phone AI had a hard time recognizing my usage pattern and hence below-average performance. For instance, some days I would sleep at 1AM while other days I would fall asleep at 8PM!

After a month or so, the battery endurance of the Galaxy S10 was finally stabilised. The battery drain was consistent and the battery easily lasted a day before requiring a recharge. While it’s still not as good as what I used to get with the Note 9, it’s good enough for me to recommend the phone to most people. Oh, and yes, if you are coming from the Note 8, S9 or the S9+ (or any older phone), you will definitely feel that the battery life on the S10 is a lot better.

One last note, the Nepali variant of the Galaxy S10 uses the Exynos SoC instead of Snapdragon SoC. And, as you can see in the video above, it’s not as good as Snapdragon when it comes to efficiency. If we got the Snapdragon 855 SoC, things would be even better.

Do you own a Galaxy S10? How has the battery life been for you? Let us know in the comments section down below. As always, thanks for reading this post.


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