Why Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn’t have 3GB RAM and 2K Display

Why Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't have 3GB RAM and 2K Display

Samsung Galaxy S5 is here and it is the fastest smartphone we have ever seen. It uses the latest chipset from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon s801 and also has got new 16MP camera with a large sensor. It also has got a gigantic 2800mAh battery rated for 21hr talk time. All the goodies like finger print scanner and heart beat monitor are included too. But what it lacks is 3GB RAM and 2K display.

Why Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't have 3GB RAM and 2K Display

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 which was released months back was loaded with 3GB of RAM if not 2K display. So, everyone was expecting 3GB of RAM in Samsung Galaxy S5. Many other manufacturers have already included 3GB of RAM for hard core multi-tasking like the LG G2 Pro and newly released Sony Xperia Z2. Although no major manufacturer has yet revealed a 2K display in a smartphone, we had expected Samsung to make the first move like it always does. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen but if we look closely, that was indeed a smart move by Samsung. It may sound stupid but that was the most clever move any manufacturer could have taken.

There was a big leap in terms of features and feel from Samsung Galaxy S to Samsung Galaxy S2. It was the same from S2 to S3 but the progress wasn’t that major from S3 to S4! Everyone noticed it and how could people not see it. Just like the PCs, smartphones have reached a saturation stage where progress is just theoretical. Today , in PC’s, all we can see is specs bump like more RAM and more clock speed. Things change at a very slow pace and there is literally nothing manufacturers can do about it. The progress is minor and something similar is happening to the smartphones. Ask yourself, what more can you expect from a smartphone? It already has got everything you could ask for. This is exactly where Samsung played smart! Look, they could easily have put 3GB of RAM in their flagship phone and even keep 2K display in it but they didn’t. Yes, you are right! At times, even if manufacturers can, they don’t put the latest and greatest in their product so that they can use it when the time is right. Samsung Galaxy S5 is already a miles ahead and no one can catch them. They are keeping their best for the last. This is something Apple has been doing for years.

Why Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't have 3GB RAM and 2K Display

Love it or hate it, we have to admit that Samsung copies concepts and things from others. This concept of creating the same product, adding some new features and giving a new name comes from Apple. I am sure most of you had already guessed it. Not only Samsung nut other manufacturers like Sony, HTC and LG are playing the same game. 3GB of RAM and 2K display are most probably going to be the best features of the Samsung Galaxy S6. The other reason why Samsung could have excluded 3GB of RAM from their flagship phone may be simply because the phone doesn’t need it! Putting 3GB of RAM on the Note 3 made a lot of sense as it can truly multi-task. It’s not that the S5 can’t but multi-tasking on a 5.7″ screen makes a lot more sense. TouchWiz may be memory hog but with Google’s optimization on Android, 3GB of RAM is a little too much. 2K display on the other hand is a no brainer. Firstly, Samsung didn’t put it as no one else has. Also, for a 5.1″ display 2K display doesn’t make it look better. Instead, it will consume more power and use more process. After all, the processor will have to process a lot more pixels. Putting a 2K display would surely bring down the benchmark score and Samsung wouldn’t want to see that happen.

I am certain that many of you are disappointed but you don’t need to be because Samsung Galaxy S5 even without 3GB of RAM or 2K display is the fastest smartphone out there. Yes, it is faster than the Note 3 and the iPhone 5s! What more could you ask for? So, if you are planning to buy a S5, go ahead and buy it. It is going
to be a worthy purchase. Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated.


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