Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

Samsung Galaxy S5 is expected to be announced this April and we already know what features it will pack and what not! People have a lot of expectation from the Korean giant as Samsung Galaxy s4 was one of the top selling Android phones in 2013.Samsung is also known for fitting crazy features in its phone like Smart Stay, Smart Pause, Air View and Eye Scrolling. The sounded neat on paper but weren’t that much practical. The IR Blaster however was a different story. It was really impressive feature to have in a phone. Controlling TV and Air conditioner from a phone was a great experience.¬†

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

According to the latest rumors, Samsung Galaxy S5 will be an almost bezel-less phone and will have the best display around. Samsung Galaxy S5 will use Qualcomm Snapdragon S805 processor to things up and running.

The display on Samsung Galaxy S5 will be Amoled even this time around. Previous rumors that LCD display will be used on the flagship phone from Samsung are false. Samsung Galaxy S5 will feature a 2K display and will have really high pixel per inch. The screen size itself will grow to 5.2″ from the previous 5″. The narrow bezel will make one hand operation possible.

There will be two models of S5 which will feature different processors from Qualcomm and Samsung itself. The exact Exynos processor to be used in Samsung Galaxy S5 is unknown. The other model is likely to use Qualcomm Snapdragon S805 SOC made by Qualcomm which has impressive graphics performance. Doesn’t matter which model of S5 will reach to your hand, they will be crazily fast!

Memory and Internal Storage
Sit rested as the flagship phone from Samsung will have Micro-SD card slot for memory expansion. However, even the base model will come out with in-built 32GB of storage.So, storage is going to be no problem for the next flagship phone. Just like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3, the S5 will have 3GB of RAM for multi-tasking and will also feature USB 3.0 for faster data transfer.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will have 16MP isocell camera lens. The camera itself will be capable of ¬†recording 4K videos. For the first time ever, the camera will also feature OIS for better image quality even in low light condition. You will also notice significantly less shake while recording video. The front facing camera will however remain the same. The FOV will increase too and won’t be as bad as that of Samsung Galaxy S4 and the Note 3.

Samsung Galaxy S5 Rumors

We don’t know when the S5 will exactly launch but we surely know that it will launch sometime soon. As the rumors are getting hotter and with many leaks, the announcement of the phone may be closer than you think. If you are expecting Samsung Galaxy S5 to feature curved display, you will be disappointed. They are not ready yet. Also, don’t expect something out of the world like Iris sensors as they are way too expensive. We, however think that S5 will have fingerprint scanner of some sort. No, we aren’t going to see 4GB RAM either. The back of Samsung Galaxy S5 will be removable and there will be bigger battery to power this beast. The biggest change that we all will notice will the UI. Samsung is completely redesigning the UI of their Galaxy line of phone. This surely is interesting. We hope to see less bloats this time around. Thank you for reading the post. Stay tuned and stay updated!


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