Samsung Gear S3 teased for IFA


IFA is one of the largest annual trade shows in the world which is held in Berlin. It is an event in which manufacturers showcase their latest offerings and also the newest innovation in technology. This year too IFA is set to be held in Berlin on the 4th of September.

Many smartphone OEM’s will be present in this event showcasing  their latest products. Among the large number of OEM’s, Samsung surely didn’t want to be missed out in this event as they have recently released a teaser with an event scheduled for September 1st.


But wait, Samsung already has launched the Galaxy Note 7, so what might they unveil at the IFA event? The answer is in the press invite or the teaser itself, as it shows the hands of a clock. This one way or the other hints at the launch of a new smartwatch from Samsung. And this is not totally uncommon as the previous Gear smartwatch was also launched at IFA last year despite the fact that the Note 5  was launched earlier.

“The Gear S3 paired with the Note 7 will  be a force not to be reckoned with”            

             -Samrat Amatya

Looking at the teaser I am super excited about the Gear S3 or whatever Samsung might call its next gen smartwatch. If this is the case then the Gear S3 paired with the Note 7 will most definitely be a force not to be reckoned with.


I personally have always been intrigued by the Gear line of smartwatch from Samsung. The Gear S2 was without doubt a formidable smartwatch but, however, it had one major flaw (more like short coming) that stopped me from buying one. And that major flaw, at least for me, was the size of the smartwatch. Of-course, the flaw is subjective, as some might think of it as a total let down while others might be happy with the size. But me being a some what huge guy, the Gear S2 would have looked puny on my wrist.


Hopefully, this time around Samsung brings 2-3 sizes of the smartwatch for people with different preferences. And for the love of god, Samsung please include a speaker in all the upcoming smartwatches. This was another feature that i wanted on the Gear S2 but sadly didn’t get.

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And in context of Nepal, Samsung Mobile Nepal will most probably bring the smartwatch here. It might however take some time as the Note 7 will be launching here in Nepal around the same time frame as the Gear S3 is worldwide. So Gear fans might have to wait a bit longer to get their hands or in this case wrist on this bad boy. And following the past trends, the Gear S3 may be be priced around Rs 35,000 to Rs 45,000. Of-course these all are speculations and can only be conformed once the actual product is launched by Samsung. So until then follow us on our Facebook and Twitter page for more information and coverage on the Gear S3.


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