Samsung Issues global recall of the Galaxy Note 7


Samsung, a South Korean tech giant, about a month ago introduced the Galaxy Note 7.  It was one of the most anticipated smartphones of 2016 and for the most part it lived up to its reputation. It had a gorgeous design, amazing display, stellar camera, an Iris scanner and an improved S-pen among other various features. Many people are calling it the almost perfect smartphone and I completely agree with them. The smartphone is selling so well that it caused a lot of supply constraint. To sum it up, the Note 7 is a super hit!


But now we hear that Samsung is recalling the Galaxy Note 7 globally. So, what is a recall? Well, a recall is a situation in which a company takes back the product sold and halts all supply  due to a major problem in them. In this case of Samsung, the problem is with the battery of Note 7. There have been reports of the Note 7 exploding and catching fire. So far there have been 35 official incidents where the Note 7 has caught fire and exploded.


According to Samsung officials, the problem is caused by a faulty battery which can be easily fixed with a replacement. They also said that the problem only plagues 0.01% of the total shipment of 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 worldwide. That is only a handful of devices that are affected by the problem. Samsung, however, is doing this as a precautionary method as they value the safety and trust of their consumers more than anything. Kudos to Samsung for that!

Samsung has also halted all the sales of the Note 7 for further quality and safety checks. Once they have completed their inspection, they will resume the sale which according to them will take about 2 weeks. And people who have already bought the Galaxy Note 7 through official channels can get theirs replaced.


This is really sad seeing that the Note 7 was doing so well. Samsung should have conducted better quality tests before sending out the Note 7. But, however, this is not the first time a giant company has called off their product. Apple also did recall their iPhone 4 and 5 for issues regarding antenna bands and camera. So my point is, customers should not make a big fuss about it instead they should take it positively as Samsung is trying their best to protect their customers from a few numbers of defective Note 7(s).

Here in Nepal, this won’t be a problem since the phone has not  been launched yet. And I hope you people haven’t bought it from the Grey markets, because if you have, you most likely won’t be able to make a claim even if your Note 7 explodes. This, however, means that the delayed release date of the Note 7 will be further postponed. Being a person who is looking forward to buying it, I really can’t help but feel hurt. On a positive note, don’t be surprised if the new Note 7 comes with a better scratch resistant glass.(I hope)


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Anyway guys what do you think? Are you still waiting for the Note 7 or are you scared of buying one? We would love to hear your thoughts in the comments down below. And for more information on the Note 7 don’t forget to like our Facebook page and subscribe to GIS Nepal.




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