Samsung launches 75 and 85-inch QLED TV in Nepal


As we are approaching Dashain, new TVs are coming in from all directions. Today, you can get a new Smart TV for as little as Rs. 15,000 but if you really have money to spend, you can get TVs from brands such as LG, Sony, and Samsung. While these TVs are expensive, they are also really good.

On the auspicious occasion of Dashain, Samsung is bringing in two new models of their Quantum Dot UHD Televisions to Nepal. Both the televisions use QLED technology and are their highest-end TV panels. While this isn’t an OLED technology, it is as close as it gets.

Samsung Nepal is launching the 75-inch and the 85-inch  models to the Nepalese market. And these are not televisions for those who are on a tight budget to are budget-constrained in anyways.

The 75-inch Samsung QLED TV costs a whopping Rs. 4,42,425/- while the 85-inch Samsung QLED TV costs mouth-watering Rs. 5,80,683/-. Like I told you earlier, these televisions are not for everyone.

If you pre-order either of the TVs, you also get exciting gifts backs. With the 75-inch TV, you will get the Galaxy A71 for free. With the 85-inch Samsung UHD TV, you will get the Galaxy Note 10 Lite for free.

With both of the TVs, you get 2-year warranty- 1 year of the full product and 1 year on the panels. As expected, you also get free installation.


You can pre-order these TVs from any of the Samsung authorized distributors across Nepal. Make sure to go through this Samsung link first, though.


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