Samsung TV New Prices World Cup Offer

Samsung TV New Prices World Cup Offer

Him Electronics Pvt Ltd who are the authorised distributor of Samsung Televisions in Nepal have slashed the prices of Samsung LCD and LED TVs in occasion of Fifa World Cup 2014. Almost all their TVs have got major price slashes. Although there is no gift scheme, price drops are enough to attract customers. LCDs and LEDs ranging from 23″ to 75″ can now be bought for cheap directly from the authorised distributor.

Samsung TV New Prices World Cup OfferHere, I will be listing the model no. of the TV’s along with their new price as well as the old price. The price drops are as follows:

  • Samsung UA23F4003 – Rs.31,990 World Cup Price: Rs.24,890
  • Samsung UA28F4100 – Rs.46,990  – World Cup Price: Rs.36,890
  • Samsung UA32F4100 – Rs.56,990  – World Cup Price: Rs.44,890
  • Samsung UA32F4500 – Rs.63,990  – World Cup Price: Rs.49,890
  • Samsung UA32F6400 – Rs.89,990  – World Cup Price: Rs.69,890
  • Samsung UA40F5100 – Rs.91,990  – World Cup Price: Rs.71,490
  • Samsung UA40F5500 – Rs.99,990  – World Cup Price: Rs.77,890
  • Samsung UA40F6400 – Rs.1,39,990– World Cup Price: Rs.1,08,890
  • Samsung UA46F5100 – Rs.1,49,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.1,16,890
  • Samsung UA46F6400 – Rs.1,79,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.1,39,890
  • Samsung UA46F8000 – Rs.2,64,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.2,10,890
  • Samsung UA55F6400 – Rs.2,69,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.2,14,890
  • Samsung UA55F8000 – Rs.3,49,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.2,79,890
  • Samsung UA55F9000 – Rs.6,49,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.5,20,890
  • Samsung UA65F9000 – Rs.8,49,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.6,70,890
  • Samsung UA75ES9000 – Rs.11,99,990 – World Cup Price: Rs.8,84,890

This is the World Cup Offer prices for Samsung TV in Nepal. These prices are valid from 3rd June to 13th July 2014. Prices will go back to normal after this scheme is over. So, if are looking to buy a new TV from Samsung, this may be the right time. The screen size is denoted by the two digits given in bold. Thank you for reading this post. Do like our Facebook page for more deals and news.


  1. Thanks for sharing such a good deal! Will surely buy one of these Tvs. Samsung UA55F8000 looks great to me! 55″ Samsung TV finally for cheap!

  2. Installment ma milcha tara ahele discount ma 50% less garera matra paecha and 12-18-24 months duration paencha


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