Samsung Galaxy S5 officially announced!

Why Samsung Galaxy S5 doesn't have 3GB RAM and 2K Display

Samsung Galaxy S5, the flagship phone from Samsung has been announced in the Unpacked5 event in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress (MWC). It is the biggest mobile event that runs every year. Samsung Galaxy S5 looks a lot like its predecessor externally but has improved drastically from the inside. No, there’s no metal body even this time around. Also, if you were expecting a 2K display, you will be disappointed as the S5 uses the same 1080p Full HD panel. The new thing that you will find in the Samsung Galaxy S5 is the fingerprint scanner, 16MP camera and heart beat monitor.

Samsung Galaxy S5 officially announced!
The display even if not a 2K panel is improved. The new Amoled screen can go super bright at 500nits which is first of a kind for an Amoled Display. Now, what you are getting in the S5 is a 5.1″ panel instead of the 5″ on the S4. The body language is the same as that of S4 (and S3 of course!). You get a plastic back but luckily the back is removable which means you can swap the battery with ease whenever you want to. What’s more, you will be getting a bigger 2800mAh battery in the S5 which is rated for respectable 21hrs of talk time. When Samsung had unveiled the Samsung Galaxy S4, they bragged S4 being lighter,  thinner and more compact than its predecessor but this isn’t the case with the new Samsung Galaxy S5. S5 is taller, wider, and thicker than the S4. But this didn’t come to us as a surprise as S5 features more sensor than any other phone.  The finger print scanner and the heart rate monitor sensor are to be blamed for the increased footprint.

Talking about the processing power,  Samsung Galaxy S5 houses Qualcomm Snapdragon s801 which is a improved s800 clocked @2.5GHz which makes it the fastest Android phone out there.  This is the first phone to use this new processor. People were initially expecting S805 processor but it wasn’t ready for mass production yet! Surprisingly enough,  there will be no 3GB of RAM on the S5. Just like it’s predecessor you will have to make your way through multi-tasking with 2GB of RAM. For comparison sake, Sony’s flagship phone, Sony Xperia Z2 comes with 3GB of RAM. The bigger battery with the efficient s801 processor will surely improve battery on this new phone.
The finger print scanner is placed under the home button just like that on Apple iPhone 5s. It works exactly the same too! You can place your finger on home button of your phone and unlock it. You can make PayPal payments using the embedded finger print scanner too. Typing passwords will never be hassle for you if you decide to pick this flagship phone from Samsung.  However,  the scanner won’t work if you hand is wet or extremely dirty. The other sensor Samsung has added in its flagship phone is the heart beat sensor. You can place your finger in the rear of the phone where the sensor is located and you will be able to know your heart beat per minute. It certainly is a great feature added into the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S5 officially announced!Samsung Galaxy S5 carries IP67 rating too which means like the Samsung Galaxy S4 active, S5 is water proof and dust proof! Samsung Galaxy S5 is 100% dust proof. It will resist water even if you dunk your phone under 1m (3 feet)  for 30 minutes. Yes,  now you can officially wash S5  if it gets dirty and use it while bathing and while it’s raining! Unlike last year,  there won’t be any Active version of the S5. The weather proofing is going to be a boon for a lot of us who travel a lot and live in rainy place.  Samsung Galaxy S5 comes in 4 different colour namely black,  white,  gold and blue. The phone doesn’t look extra ordinary from the outside but it is certainly a power house from the inside.

Samsung Galaxy S5 will be available globally (160 countries) in April 11th. Price will vary from region to region but is expected to cost 200$ on contract and 600$ unlocked.  Nepalese can buy this phone for Rs. 76,000 at launch. This is all about the new Samsung Galaxy S5. If you are disappointed,  don’t be because just like the PC’s,  Smartphones have reached saturation state too. So,  you can’t expect drastic improvements over a short period of time.
Thank you for reading the post.  Stay tuned and stay updated!


  1. Nepal Maa Kina snapdragon pricessor nadeko… i think the detail of the mobile which u r giving to us is not the mobile launched in nepal…

  2. मलाई सम्सुङ को स्५-ल LET 4G- मोबाईलबाहिर देश बाट आउँदै छ तेस्को लागि फोन को NEPAL MAA UNLOCK खोल्नु PARCHHA कि पर्दैन अथवा यसै DIRECT नै चल्छ बाताइ दिनु होल प्लिज.


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