Sasto Deal launches its official Android App

Sasto Deal one of the leading E-commerce website has now launched an android app to make shopping much more versatile. The app is now available in the Google Play store for you to download. It has been available since the September 3rd and is developed by Yakamoz Tech.

Google Play Store: Download Sasto Deal app

The Sasto Deal app is fairly easy to use and has a quick sign up process. You can either create an account by typing in your email id and password or you can quickly login using your facebook or google account. And once you do login (not necessary just to view) you will be greeted by a simple yet elegant interface. The UI is simple to understand and also incorporates Google’s material design elements. It also is very smooth and easy to navigate through with its hamburger style menu.

The app is also very feature rich with lots of categories, filtering options, discover and on demand tabs. There is also a “Track my Order” option which we found interesting. Overall the app looks great and is easy to understand and navigate. Props to Sasto Deal for creating such an app and also for making shopping for Nepali folks much easier.

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So as of right now the app is only available to Android user with plans for an IOS release in the coming weeks. Overall the Sasto Deal app looks like a promising app with the right set of goals. Most people use a smartphone these days so it would be only right to create an easy platform for them. We can’t wait to see how the app develops over the course of time. So to be updated about the latest and greatest happening in the tech world of Nepal like our Facebook Page and subscribe to GIS Nepal.




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