Skype is coming to Playstation 4

Skype is coming to Playstation 4
Skype is coming to Playstation 4!

No, it is not official but Skype is giving a hint that clearly says that Skype is hitting Playstation Store sooner or later. They had done the same with PS Vita earlier and we can feel that they will do the same with the Playstation 4.

Let’s hope that history will repeat once again. Microsoft owns both Xbox and Skype and we can see the reason why Skype is pre-installed out of the box on the Xbox One. ¬†Microsoft wants to delay the launch of Skype on PS4 but not completely abandon Skype from PS4. Skype’s Vice president himself stated that he wants to bring Skype to PS4.

Bringing Skype on PS4 will bring home million dollars to Skype and eventually Microsoft. They wouldn’t want to miss that huge amount of money by any means. Like it or hate it, Microsoft knows that PS4 will be a great hit. Bringing Skype to PS4 will increase the revenue of Skype by at least 15%. What Microsoft is actually doing here is trying to sell more Xbox One by showing that their gaming console comes with Skype whereas PS4 doesn’t. That is a great impression in the first place. Once they sell their targeted Xbox One, they will roll out Skype for Playstation 4 and everyone will be happy. You can rest assured that PS4 will get Skype as most of the Sony products get it over time. In fact, every high-end Sony products get Skype. Be it Smartphone, Tablet, Television set, Blu-ray players, portable gaming consoles, they all get Skype. The ill-fated PS3 is the only one who didn’t get Skype treatment and only God knows why. Even PSP has Skype preinstalled. People so want it and what people want is what they get. There is so much demand for Skype on PS4 all over the Internet and Microsoft will probably listen. PS4 camera is 1080p Full HD capable and there is literally no hardware restriction. All people need to buy is PS4 camera which costs 60$ on Amazon and eBay at the time of my writing.

Microsoft is following the footsteps of Google who owns Android. Google runs a lot of major services such as Google Search, Google+, Blogger, Hangouts, Gmail, Google Maps and what not. Google updates these services first on Android and only ten of iOS leaving an impression to the users that Android gets update faster. Not everyone is tech geeks like you and me! There are people who don’t even know that Microsoft owns Skype now. Well, maybe I am a little bit off-topic, but I am sure you got my point. Sooner or later, PS4 will get Skype treatment. This is not just a rumor. Skype team has hinted that there will be PS4 version of Skype coming out as well!

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