Are Smartphones getting too big

Are Smartphones getting too big
Smartphones are growing big! Really Big!!!

Remember the time when people said iPhone was too big o fit in the hand? Do you remember the time when people bashed Samsung for creating a phone with 4″ screen.Things have changed quite a lot in a few years. Now, iPhone is considered too small. Even the iPhone 5/5s/5c with a 4″ screen is categorized as a small sized smartphone. Things surely have changed now!

 People have stated taking smartphone as a multimedia device more than a daily driver phone! When Samsung unleashed the Samsung Galaxy Note I (GT-N700 ), people were like, “Oh my God! For whom is this phone made?”.Surprisingly enough, the Note series have been a great hit! Samsung Galaxy Note 2 and LG Optimus G Pro are two great examples of how big a phone really can be!  People really enjoy carrying smartphone which looks and feels enormous. The smartphone size has become so big people can barely carry them around. Some of them even don’t fit in our pockets!

Are Smartphones getting too big
iPhone looks tiny in from of other giant Android smartphones!!

That’s not it! In 2013, we have seen smartphones with screen size of above 6″. Here is the list of huge smartphone of the year 2013!

  1. Samsung Galaxy Mega 5.8
  2. Samsung Galaxy Mega 6.3
  3. Sony Xperia Z Ultra
  4. Lenovo’s IdeaPhone K900
  5. HTC One Max
  6. Nokia 1520
  7. LG G2

The list is not complete! There are dozen more smartphone which are huge! These huge phones are so big that they are not even pocketable. But, still people carry them. We now love big 1080p screen. Phones have become multimedia powerhouse and we care more about it than using other than than portability. We love watching movies and browsing Internet in our phone. It doesn’t look like the race is going to end here! LG G2 which is LG’s flagship phone has 5.2″ screen which is huge. This is just a sweet example which shows how much we are into big phones! Trust me, it is not going to end here. Expect even bigger phones in 2014… Till then, stay tuned and stay updated! Thanks for reading the post.


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