Sony launches Xperia X series Phone in Nepal


It’s been quite a while since we have heard from Sony phones here in Nepal. Looks like they are making a comeback. Nepa Hima Tradelink, the authorised distributor of Sony products in Nepal has outed 3 latest smartphones from Sony smartphone lineup. The phones that are available as of now are the Sony Xperia X, Sony Xperia XA and the Sony Xperia XA Ultra. 

sony-launches-xperia-x-series-phone-in-nepalIf you haven’t been following Sony lately, this is what you got to know. Sony is ditching the Z series as well as M,C and T series of smartphones and making the naming scheme more streamline. What you are getting is a range of smartphones with their names starting from “X”. As you’d expect, the Sony Xperia X is the flagship phone from Sony.

The prices of Sony X line-up of smartphones are as follows:

Sony Xperia X: Rs.64,999.

Sony Xperia XA:Rs. 34,499

Sony Xperia XA Ultra: Rs. 48,499

We will update our experience with these phone as we get more time to play with it. We think these phones are a bit over-priced but let’s see how much the prices of these phones will drop overtime.

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