Why Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10

Why Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10

Grand i10 is here folks! It’s placed between i10 and i20 and it wants to take over the segment leader Maruti Suzuki Swift. It is more feature packed than Swift and rings bells and whistles but is that enough? Certainly not! Read along with me to find out why!

Why Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10Suzuki Swift is known for its power and stability and that is where it excels. It is bigger, taller and more powerful. The handling of Suzuki Swift is excellent. It has all the features that you would want in a car including automatic climate control. It may be a bit expensive than Grand i10 but is worth the price you pay. If you ask why? The answer is simple. Maruti Suzuki Swift is a overall better car. The fundamental feature of a good car is good handling and is followed by other things. Handling of Maruti Suzuki Swift is among the best in its segment. It crushes even Hyundai i20 when it comes to handling.  Swift has next to perfect steering column. It is light and has really high accuracy. When in high speed, it still maintains its control which is somewhat lacking in Grand i10. The steering column of Grand i10 becomes extremely light which is not something that you would like while on highway. If you are on high speed, you may end up with a serious problem.

Why Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10

When it comes to fuel economy, Swift has always been a leader and it leads here too! You might somewhat be surprised to read this but on real life it is true. According to Hyundai i10 provides better fuel economy than Swift but on road test, we found that Swift was the one to a little more efficient. It came to us as a surprise because Swift has bigger 15″ wheels compared to smaller 14″ wheels on the Grand i10. The 15″ Alloy wheels on the Swift looks much better than that of Grand i10. The bigger body of the Swift is also more appealing. Grand i10 may look modern but Swift is way sportier. The suspe  The gearbox of Maruti Suzuki Swift is better than that of Grand i10 .  Gear transition is more smooth in the Swift. The gearbox of Grand i10 is not bad but it could have been better! The suspension is better on Swift too.  Take both the cars to a bumpy road and you will immediately feel the difference.  The 15″ wheels of the Swift helps here to maintain stability even in bumpy roads. The headlights of Swift are adjustable while it is not adjustable on the Grand i10. The cornering of Swift is better too.

The Grand i10 will probably sell well and will surely affect Maruti Suzuki sales.  This  is just because it is more featured packed than Swift is.  An end customer will probably buy Grand i10 because of all the features Grand i10 has to offer but trust me, if you are a conscious buyer,  you will over lookWhy Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10 such features. 1GB in-built hard-drive on i10 is given so much hype that really makes me laugh. You can simply plug in a 4GB pen drive on the Swift and enjoy music. Hyundai has included many other features like Push-Start feature and rear parking sensors as well as Bluetooth. I really respect Hyundai for including Bluetooth feature which is missing in the Swift but don’t find other features that appealing. I don’t think Push-Start is that great of a feature simply because you will need to carry your remote to enter your car.  I don’t think keeping the key on the key hole is that much of a hassle on the Swift. Also, once you get used to driving,  you won’t miss the rear parking sensors that much! Hyundai has put in so much feature on the Grand i10 but has failed to include automatic climate control on the car. Further, front headrest is adjustable on Swift while it isn’t on the Grand i10.

Why Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10 Why Suzuki Swift is better than Hyundai Grand i10


Without no doubt, Maruti Suzuki Swift is a better car of the two. Grand i10 is for those who want more tech stuffed into the car. For daily driving, Swift is a much better car. It sales more because it is more reliable. Who doesn’t know Swift? Everyone does! It is not only because they Suzuki has been here for a longer time but also because they have great service and better resale value. The spare parts are also cheaper for the Swift. That being said it is you who is the judge. You are the one to choose and do chose wisely. Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay udpated!


  1. Agreed. Grand i10 may have better tech equipment but Swift is a overall better performer. Plus even the asta grand i10 doesn’t come with airbag and abs. They are optional. Performance isn’t that good either on the i10.

  2. So you own a swift right? That is why the review is biased towards swift. And it made me laugh when you said you laughed about the 1 GB storage grand i10 gives you. You know that is only to store your favorite playlist. And it comes handy when you are driving alone and wanna hear those favorite list. I have bought the Grand i10 Asta optional and it has been an year and half. I have really liked the feature rich package of the Grand i10 compared to the Swift. Swift has a pretty dull interior and plasticky quality. The sheet metals used for manufacturing the Swift are light. If you want to check, press the boot door near the Swift logo with your thump. You can see it denting with such a little force. And do it on any Hyundai car too. You can see the difference.
    The stock audio system in the Grand i10 is great in terms of audio quality. For that compare again. The ride quality is great. I own a petrol variant, the power seemed pretty low at first but if you keep the RPM in the peek range then I gotta say petrol engine is fun to drive. The one this that is bad about the Grand i10 is that it has no automatic climate control. I think the Hyundai made it so because, if it had climate control feature, nobody will go to the next option and that is the i20 elite which offers AUTO climate control from its sportz variant.
    In my opinion Hyundai is about quality. Swift has less weight so better acceleration and mileage. But isn’t it pretty clear that Maruti is getting better mileage because of that?
    For 6.36 lacs, I think Grand i10 Asta (o) was a great deal than a Swift ZXI which was 7 lac above at that time of purchase.
    And your review is kinda egoistic. I will suggest you to look at the positive things.


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