Swipr- Earn money by unlocking your phone

Swipr- Earn money by unlocking your phone

Hey everyone! You liked CashOnAd? If yes, you will love Swipr. Swipr pays you like CashOnAd does but you don’t have to receive a call to get paid. Neither do you have to listen/watch six second video in order to get paid.

Swipr- Earn money by unlocking your phoneAll you have to do is unlock your smartphone! Yes, you heard it right. All you have to do is unlock your phone like you always did. Then, why does Swipr pay us? It’s simple. Advertisements are put in our lock screen and we get paid for viewing the ads. No, the ads are not at all annoying. Most of them look like wallpapers and don’t look stupid.

Currently, Swipr is only available for Android. Like you guessed, yes, it is available for free. We are not sure if the iOS version of Swipr is coming soon or not. Installing the app is really easy. You can look for the app in the Play Store. It only takes some MB of your device and installs flawlessly. Signing up is easy too! You can link your account with your Facebook account and you are good to go. You don’t need eSewa account to get paid. You can top-up balance in your phone directly once your balance reaches Rs.50 (It is the minimum balance you have to have to check out). You get paid 10 paise for every swipe while unlocking your phone. Within seconds after setting up everything, you can start earning. Just to see if it works, you can lock and unlock your device. If you get a notification saying ” Swipr Earning “, you have configured the app well. You also need to keep in mind that in order to start earning, you will need to turn on ” Location Services “ on your phone. You won’t earn until you turn those features On. You can toggle those under phone settings. Advertisements will change each time you lock and unlock your phone. New ads are added now and then. You can get all kinds of ads. If you are interested in the advertisement, you can swipe right to know about it. Else, you can simply swipe left to ignore. Either way, you will earn 10 paisa. If you want to earn more, you can refer Swipr to your friends. To refer Swipr to your friends, follow the following steps:

  • Install Swipr on your phone
  • Open Swipr app
  • Swipe left for options
  • Select ” Refer a friend”
  • Select app through which you want to refer your friends

Once your friend downloads, installs and signs up for Swipr, you will earn Rs.5 as a referral. 10 paisa may sound too little but trust me you will make Rs. 50 per week if you use your phone frequently. It is like free money because we really don’t have to do anything if at all. In fact some ads look like really good wallpaper.

Advertisements that are shown is dynamic and you need to be connected to the Internet all the time if you want to get paid. In other words, you can’t earn as long as you are not connected to the Internet. That brings me to the downside of Swipr. And honestly there are few and we do expect such downsides as Swipr is still in its beta. We mostly like Swipr, however, we want some changes too. Down below you will find what we liked and what we didn’t. But be warned, Swipr is an app that will keep updating over time and you never know when they are going to pull off a feature or two. They may run out of advertisers and we may be seeing more wallpapers and quotes than real ads.

What we liked about Swipr:

  • Ads are attractive and not annoying
  •  Doesn’t degrade the user experience
  • Quick payment via Top Up Balance
  • Great way of monetizing Lock-Screen
  • Nice support from Swipr Team
  • To transition pending problem like on CashOnAd
  • Referring Swipr to friends earns you Rs.5

What we didn’t like about Swipr:

  • Phone needs to be connected to Wi-Fi or Mobile Network in order to earn
  • Earning limited to Rs.8 a day
  • No option to send money to eSewa
  • No way to deactivate Swipr other than uninstalling the app
  • Less ads at the moment
  • Users get paid for only 3rd party ads and not by Swipr ads

Swipr is still in its beta. Still, it is fully functional and looks every bit of it. You can try this app too. We are pretty sure that you will love it. This application is updated frequently. So, do check-in Play Store for updates. More ads are added every week. If you find any bug in the app, you can report it here or in the Play Store. As a reminder, you cannot install this application if you have an iOS device or a Windows phone.

Thanks for reading the post. Do post a comment below if you have any query! You can find us on Facebook and Twitter too.

#Update : Swipr has added an hourly swipr earning limit to Rs.2
There are very few ads running after app update.


  1. I am using this app and more than 72 hours have already passed, but current balance is 0.0 as it was when i installed the app. I know that this app is in beta version, and i like the concept of vibrant lock screens but Is this app fully functional and running?. P.S : i wrote an email to contact@swipr.co.uk , it got rejected.

  2. Hello Spandan, we are very sorry to hear that you are having an issue with our app, could you please email us at contact@swipr.co.uk once again and we shall be glad to look into your matter and resolve it for you. – Swipr Support

  3. same here with my nexus 5,, ‘d been using since past 24 hours and the balance is still zero,, and the app occasionaly crashed 2-3 times,,


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