Technology- Way Ahead of Time

Technology- Way Ahead of Time
There was time when people were more than satisfied with 7 inch black-and-white TV. Sega Mega Drive Genesis was the best gaming console out there. People were happy. They thought they had the best of technology. They thought they had it all.

Technology- Way Ahead of TimeThey thought there was no place for progress in this technological world. But no, they were all wrong. Technology bought us things that we had never imagined, things we never dreamed of. We have everything all right but how many of you think that we have things that are more than necessary and things that looks like more for future use than right now? So, I have listed a few of the top gadgets and technologies which are going to be awesome some 10 years later.

Technology- Way Ahead of TimeLet us start up with 4K TV’s. Also known as Ultra HD resolution TV, 4K TV’s pack resolution of 3840×2160 which is four times the resolution of Full HD (1920×1080). That is way too high resolution, isn’t it? It sounds great on paper,doesn’t it? But if you look deeply, these TV’s have no use in practical life. How many 4K movies have you watched so far? Yes, none. There are no movies so you can just forget about the TV shows. They are not going to come in 4K resolution any time now. If you are thinking of streaming 4K videos, you may just want to wait a bit more. Our download speed is not fast enough to stream 4K videos. Even Blu-Ray disc can’t store 4K movie in a single disc. It is time for Blu-Ray discs and 1080p HD videos, so 4K resolution will have to wait for a while. 4K resolution is way too ahead of time. It is going to be a rock star some 10 years later, possibly. 4K is really way too ahead of time.
Technology- Way Ahead of TimeWe have a lot of example if you know what I mean. How can we forget about the 1080p resolution in a 5″ smartphone. It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? But, that’s exactly what we are getting right now. Mark my words, 2013 will be full of smartphones featuring FHD screens which are capable of playing back 4K resolution. Ask yourself, do you really need 441 ppi in a 5 inch display? Anything above 300+ ppi is just waste of your battery and undoubtedly your processor. How can we foget about the Exynos A15 Octa-Core Processor that Samsung released this year? What can a octa-core processor do in a smartphone when most of us probably have a dual core processor running in our PC? Octa-Core processor really doesn’t mean anything as it won’t be as powerful as a PC dual-core processor and we won’t really use it to its maximum potential.Technology has been improving a lot at recent times. What people want, they get in a snap! That is the power of technology. Doesn’t matter if technology is ahead or behind time, we will still love it! Thank you for reading my post.Stay tuned and stay updated. Do send comments and suggestions down below. You can also catch me on my Facebook page.


  1. Frankly I didn’t see the point on adding 441 PPI to the S4, waste of money. Processor power, on the other hand, is pretty useful. More proccesor means the ability to use more services, more apps, better graphics. I’m still dreaming of the day in which Skyrim will be playable on Android. Natively.


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