Things to look before buying a mobile

Smart PhonesThere are mobile phones of multiple brands in Nepal. There is a very big market a lot of choices but it is only one you pick from them so you should be really careful before you buy a mobile phone. These days Nepali market is filled with mobile of international brands such as Apple, Samsung, LG, Nokia; local brands like CG, Indian brands such as Karbon, Micromax, Chinese brands which no one can count. This choice variety is brilliant for consumers to choose from but there are some key factors that everyone should consider before spending your hard earned money. These factors are things to look before buying a mobile because they are guru mantra that will save you from future problems.

1) Hardware:

There is no way you should buy a low end hardware consisting phone until you can buy it. Always keep the budget in mind and keep a minimum hardware threshold. For example you should buy a phone that has minimum 1 GB Ram and 8 GB Internal storage. If you are enthusiast then go for quad core processor or dual core if you can’t afford.  I know quad core phones in Nepal aren’t bought but by many users because of price. Make absolutely sure that phone has expandable memory and a good battery power pack, you don’t want your phone to die at the middle of the day or at the evening when you are going home listening music after a good day work.

2) Software

Make absolutely sure that the phone has good software support. The first thing to see is the OS, if you choose Android look out for Android Kit Kat 4.4 or Android Jelly Bean. Find out in the manufacturers site about future upgrade plans. I have seen some phone which don’t have file explorer and even Play Store. Avoid such phone. Phone look good with custom ROM such as Cyanogenmod soKitkat I suggest you look at the XDA Developers site and official Cyanogenmod site for further information. See that the phone supports third party application that you have downloaded in memory card i.e. except from Store.

3) Support

This is the biggest thing you should look before buying a phone. Look for warrant on product and accessories. See the reputation of brand. Check out the internet for people’s complaint about their problems and support. Many companies don’t reply from their contact on their website. The most important thing is Customer Service Center. Even if your warranty expires you can always go to service centers and they will repair your mobile for money and they will always have genuine parts for the product because they are manufacturer’s division.

Many of us like o root the mobile, install custom ROM and during this process soft brick is common so make absolutely sure that you can find the stock ROM and flash it easily. Look for all these things before buying a mobile. Post you thoughts and experience on this topic to help others.


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