Top 10 websites in Nepal (2013 Updated)

Top 10 websites in Nepal (2013 Updated)
Top 10 websites in Nepal (2013 Updated)

There are new Nepali sites coming in every other day but only some are updated regularly to qualify for the top 10 websites in Nepal list. We will be using for reference. This is a updated list for 2013. All the Nepali sites are indexed and only top 10 are chosen on pageviews basis.

So, the top 10 Nepali Sites of Nepal for 2013 are as follows:



These are the top 10 websites of Nepal but many of them have higher rating as they are old and have better pageviews. Out of the 10 top Nepali website, most are news sites while others are of different genres. has stepped up from 5th position to top 1 position in just 1 year which is a significant leap. This one is really worth mentioning.  The other site which is not a news site that is worth mentioning is which is becoming one of the most popular website of nepal. It is a online shopping portal which I would anyone to visit. You can sell or buy products for free!!! You can also advertise about your product if you wish to in too has proved to be very effective. There is even an app for this website which is easy to use and is extremely efficient.  You can look for opportunities or career in The website itself is updated frequently. New jobs are offered almost daily. The layout of the website is impressive and there is very little to complain. The other sites are all news sites providing us with up-to-date information about the local and international happenings. 

This was our list of top 10 websites. If you think there are better websites which deserve to be in the Top 10 list, do comment down below. We will have a look at it and may consider them as qualifying contenders for next year~



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