Top 5 reasons why you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One now

Top 5 reasons why you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One now
PS4 and Xbox both look great,right? Well, they do! Are they worth the money? Well, they are. Are they priced properly? Yes, they are. Will they last for 5/6 years from now? They surely will.All these facts look tempting and will most probably lead you to buy either of these consoles if not both!But here are my top 5 reasons why you should not buy Xbox One or the Playstaion 4 now.Top 5 reasons why you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One now
If you have your PS3 or the Xbox 360, they should be good to go. In fact, if you don’t have either of them, I would recommend you to go ahead and purchase those. Sounds ridiculous? It should but only in first sight. If you look deeply, you will realize that the newer consoles are worth the wait. The 5 reasons why you should wait will be listed below.
Reason No.1 : There are too few games!
Gaming consoles as their name suggests are gaming powerhouse. They are dedicated gaming machines.Gaming consoles may provide many entertainment features but on top of everything else, they are made for gaming purposes. The sad part is that PS4 and Xbox One both have very less game title at launch.While PS3 and Xbox 360 have millions of games, the newer consoles barely have games you will love. The launch titles look great but they are very limited. Developers are still working for new games but that will take years. If you are seriously into gaming, you should look out for the PS3 or the Xbox 360. Not only the library of these consoles bigger, there are cheaper,too. Also, remember that graphics isn’t everything, game play is. I still miss PS2 game play which lacks in PS3. Xbox One and PS4 without any doubt will have better graphics but gameplay is a big question. Games after all these years still look great on the PS3 and Xbox 360. If you have played Uncharted 3 or Halo, you know what I am talking about.
Top 5 reasons why you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One now
Reason No.2 : Multiplayer mode on the newer consoles look like a Zombie land
Sony sold one million PS4 on its first week of launch. That is a ridiculously high sales number but is that enough? Ok, may be I am a little bit off topic but you are getting my point right? There are hundreds of millions of users playing on PS3 and Xbox 360 now. Whenever you go online ( multiplayer) , you will find other users playing online too. Multiplayer gaming is so much fun than playing with CPU. Doesn’t matter when you go online or what game you are playing, you will always find company . We can’t say the same with these newer consoles. Imagine going online and not finding anyone home! Sounds horrible, it is! Also remember that even though you upgrade to the PS4, all your friends won’t. So if you planning to buy the newer consoles, get ready to bid good bye to your old friends as well.PS3 and Xbox 360 are great for playing multi-player and there are just enough game for everyone. You will find your multi-player zone more or less like a Zombie land if you don’t wait.
Reason No.3: They are pricey!
Some may argue saying they are not but they are (Yes, I am stubborn). They may not be as expensive as the launch PS3 but they will cost you more in a long run.Xbox One costs 499$ with Kinect bundled where as PS4 costs 399$ without PS Camera included. The camera accessory for the PS4 costs 60$ in Amazon. Roughly they cost the same.That is just the price you will be paying at the beginning. Now, add 50$ every year for going online and playing with your friends. Xbox had this policy before but PS4 has joined the group as well! If you are buying the newer consoles, I am pretty sure that you will be buying an additional joystick as well.Well, you will need to if you plan to play multiplayer with your friends locally and show off your new system. It will cost you 60$ as well. You can buy PS3/Xbox 360 controller for just about 40$ and they work just as good. Also, remember that every PS4 game costs you 50$ or more where as the older gaming system games are sold for as low as 10$. Trading games is a also much easier on Xbox One or the PS3. You can buy used games for the older systems for much cheaper prices. Another reason for you to wait is that if you stick with your older systems, the newer consoles price with go down gradually saving you hundreds of dollars$$$. History has proved it and you will trust me on that!
Top 5 reasons why you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One now
Reason No.4: 1st batch of Gaming consoles have Hardware/Software defects.
Software issues are no real issues. They get solved just a simple OTA update. That is not what I am tyring to mention here. It is the hardware I am concerned about. The first batch of Xbox Original, PS2, Xbox 360 and PS3 all had hardware issues in their first batch of consoles. The trend is not going to stop. We can’t just tell how it will turn out for the Xbox One as it is not yet released but PS4 seems to have some hardware issues as well. PS4 recently got a 1-star review from Amazon buyers for the inconvenience PS4 caused to them. Most of the people are facing problems with HDMI port. They appear to be faulty and don’t output 1080p Full HD as they were supposed to. This is one serious issue. Others are complaining about over heating issue and weird fan noise from the system. We still don’t know how many are affected but it looks like it is affecting a lot of people. I am sure you won’t want to be among them! It will take months for Sony to acknowledge such problem and fix it. For a hassle free experience, you will have to wait!
Reason No.5 : PS3 and Xbox 360 are not that very old!
It has been more than 7 years since these machines were first launched but it looks as though they are not through yet!They both have HDMI output and can play all kinds of video upto 1080p resolution. They are still great for gaming purposes as well as Entertainment purposes. They are fast and have all the features that you would want in a gaming console. They both have got Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, wireless controllers and what not. PS3 even has a blu-ray player which can play back 3D content. All the games available in both PS3 and XBox 360 are of HD quality (720p,though). The number of games are countless. Sony and Microsoft may have added a lot of new features to PS4 and Xbox One but the core is still the same. The new systems may play games in Full HD@ 60FPS but 720p is all right, isn’t it? PS3 and Xbox 360 are still future proof. They will get updates for at least 4 years from now which is a lot! You want not want to consider PS4 or Xbox One at all, at least for now.
These were my top 5 reasons why you should not buy PS4 or Xbox One now. The longer you wait, the better it is! Thank you for reading my post. Stay tuned and stay updated! Leave the comments down below if you have any suggestions or if you want to ask any tech related questions.
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  1. M new in this stuff…so m planning to buy one can you help me out…wat to buy where to buy….I am Frm Nepal itself…so guys help me out….

    • Visit Bishal Bazar.. It is the best place to purchase gaming consoles. Go to first floor and above if you want to buy any kind of consoles…

  2. This review is horrible and makes no sense! Not enough games?
    1- Last of us remastered, infamous second son, fifa 15, titan fall, watch dogs, destiny, most of all GTA 5 is coming THIS november so shut the fuck up!
    2- All these games are literally out so get your head off your ass. these games are enough to keep people busy for months to come.
    3-Wait 2-3 years for the price to drop?
    4-As long as it don’t have the ‘Red ring of death’ i couldn’t give two shits about other defects.
    5- they are 8 years old. most of the newer games wont make it there in a short amount of time. and nobody wants to miss out on the newer games.
    if you are a gamer, get a next gen console and put your ps3/xbox360 in the collectable’s department just like the ps2, sega genesis, psp, psx, xbox, n64, gamecube or the wii. its time for the new generation to roll and i cant wait!


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