What to get this holiday season

What to get this holiday season
Holiday season is getting close and there is much for you to buy! There are a lot of things that has been announced recently and will be available for purchase any time soon. You can also get black Friday deals in various stores.
Amazon is also currently offering a lot of discounts and has deals in almost every category. Doesn’t matter if you are looking for a camera, a phone or even a car, you can get them for cheaper price than you would have expected. That, however, doesn’t mean you buy everything that is listed as “Deals”. Buyers need to take note that some sellers sell things for higher price than their usual listing. Take note of the price from various stores and see if you are really getting the “Discount” on what you are buying.

The top 10 things that you would want to buy this holiday season are as follows:
1)PS4                                  – Available for 399$
2)Xbox One                        – Available for 499$
3)iPad Air                            -Starting at 499$
4)Nexus 5                            – Starting at 349$
5)Samsung Galaxy Note 3   – Starting at 199$ (2 year contract)
6)Panasonic Lumix FZ-200 – Available for 498$ at Amazon
7)PS Vita                              -Available for 199$
8)HTC One Max                  – Starting at 199$ (2 year contract)
9)Microsoft Surface 2           -Available at 449$
10)Microsoft Surface Pro 2 – Starting at 899$

These are the most tempting gadgets tech lovers are willing to buy this holiday season. If you don’t own any gaming console, PS4 or Xbox One is must have gaming console for you. If you are looking for a tablet, iPad or the Microsoft Surface 2 are the one for you. If you want to get some serious work done with your tablet, then Microsoft Surface Pro 2 is a must have device for you. Want to buy a camera in your limited budget? I have got a camera just for you. No, it is not a dSLR but can do just as much for much less. Check out the Panasonic Lumix FZ-200. IT has got 24x lens zoom and only costs you 499$. Make sure to check that one out. Looking for a new phone? If that is the case then you will have to chose between the three hottest phones out there. If your budget is tight and you want true Android experience, nothing can beat Google Nexus 5. If is available off-contract for just 349$ and is worth all your money and much more. The other two are phablets. Samsung Galaxy Note and HTC One Max are the phablets you will have to choose from. I, personally would recommend you to get the Note 3 as it is better in almost all category.
That is it for now,folks! Stay tuned and stay updated. Thanks for reading my post!


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