When will the Galaxy Note 7 arrive in Nepal? [Launch date rescheduled]


The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 is one of the, if not the best smartphone in the market right now. There are many things to love about the Note 7, like its amazing display, gorgeous design, powerful camera, the Iris scanner and not to mention its feature packed S-Pen.

This might be the reason why many people are buying or looking forward in buying this smartphone. A lot of people are intrigued by what the Note 7 has to offer. And the same goes for many people here in Nepal. The loyal Note fans have been desperately waiting for the latest iteration of Samsung’s phablet. Believe it or not, the hype for the Note 7 is very high here. I too am really eager and excited for the Note 7 to reach Nepal.


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So if you have been following our website, you will probably know that we had information about the Note 7 releasing here in Nepal on the 2nd of September. But we now hear rumors that the phone will not launch before the second-half of September. This really is a doleful news for all the Note loyalists of Nepal including myself.


One of the major reasons for this is due to the high demand of the Note 7. That is right my friends, the Galaxy Note 7’s are selling like Gudpaks. The global demand for the Note 7 is very high and Samsung, however, has not been able to meet the supply. South Korea, Samsung’s own home country had about 2,00,000 Pre-orders in its initial days, which is very high compared to the Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. Because of this, the Note 7 will launch late than anticipated here in Nepal.

Not only Nepal but many other countries are plagued by the same problem. Country like Malaysia also is in the same pickle as its Galaxy Note 7 launch date was rescheduled. While countries like Russia, Netherlands, and Ukraine are facing the severe supply issues right now too.


This news is both good and bad- good because as a Note loyalist I can’t help but feel happy that the Note 7 is doing so well, bad because  we will have to wait much longer to get our hands on this bad boy. And not only that, taking advantage of this fact many retailers such as M.K Trade Line have shot up the price of the Note 7 (available unofficially) to about 1,35,000 (now 1,15,000) which is ridiculous. This is wrong on so many levels and we urge our viewers not to fall for such retailers.

Facebook Post by MK Tradeline

I know “the urge is real”, as many people including myself want to meet this beauty in person. But I strongly advise you guys to hold that yearning as the Note 7 will launch very soon here for much less price with more added value and also warranty services. And trust me the wait will be well worth it.


So as of right now we can’t do anything but urge Samsung Mobile Nepal to bring the Galaxy Note 7 here as soon as possible. And once they do bring it, we will make sure to inform you guys and also provide you with a full written and video review. So for those visit our website regularly, like our Facebook page and subscribe to GIS Nepal.


  1. Samrat,

    Please don’t provide false information. Reason why Samsung relaunch date is scheduled is Samsung officially recall Note & because of battery issues and the phone was exploding while charging. Samsung is taking a loss of $1 billion and is trying hard to ship the new phone within weeks. Here in US, I had to return it back because of the same issue and is hoping to get the new one soon.

    • This news was published before the recall of the Note 7 when everything seemed fine. The phone at the time was delayed here in Nepal due to high international demand. But later the problem of battery exploding arose which lead to further delay.


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