Which one to buy? Galaxy Note 10 or Galaxy S10?

This is the first time that Samsung released more than one Note device with two different screen sizes. We got the Note 10 and the larger Plus variant, besides the 5G variant which isn’t coming to Nepal. It’s a story similar to that of the Galaxy S10. With 6 months of difference in launch, the Galaxy Note 10 and the S10 closely resemble one another. Here’s a big question, which one should you choose? In this article, let’s find out.


When it comes to aesthetics, I will leave it for the audience to decide. The Samsung Galaxy S10+ has a more rounded shape, while Samsung Note 10 comes with a more serious and squared design. I personally prefer the latter because it has a more symmetric display thanks to the front camera placed in the middle, a higher screen-to-body ratio as well as a cleaner glass back with a less invasive camera module placed on the upper left part. It is even a more compact and lightweight handset, despite it integrates an S Pen. It’s amazing to see how Samsung was able to pull this off.


Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Samsung Galaxy S10 perform similarly when it comes to the display quality. Samsung decided to equip the Note 10 with a Full HD+ panel instead of a QHD+, while the Galaxy S10+ has a higher Quad HD+ resolution and a higher level of detail.

The Galaxy Note 10 still has an amazing display, and to be really honest, most of the users anyways use the 1080p display setting as the Galaxy S10 comes with that setting by default.


Specs & Software

This is one department where I wouldn’t worry about too much. Both the Note 10 and the S10 are feature loaded and come with the best of hardware. Both the phone are powered by Snapdragon 855 SoC and 8GB of RAM on board. One thing to note is that the Note 10 doesn’t have dedicated Micro-SD card slot. It’s only reserved the Note 10+.

The software on botht the phones are extremely similar. The Note 10, being newer, however has a better softwaer. And of course, there are the added S-Pen bonuses.


Due to faster lens and improved OIS, the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 has a overall better rear camera. But if we talk about selfies, then Galaxy S10 is better as it features a brighter aperture lens compared to the one found on the Note 10.



Samsung Galaxy S10 has a smaller battery than Note 10 and it lasts a little less on a single charge. Both feature wireless charging, but when it comes to traditional wired charging, Note 10 is faster due to a higher power power delivery charger rated at 25W.



Samsung Galaxy S10 was launched in Nepal 6 months back and can be bought for cheap. The price of Samsung Galaxy Note 10 in Nepal is Rs. 1,15,000 which is quite a bit more expensive than the Galaxy S10.

While the price of Samsung Galaxy S10 hasn’t dropped significantly officially, you can buy the phone in Nepal for around Rs. 80,000. At that price, you may want to think which one of the two is a better choice for you.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 vs Samsung Galaxy S10

Samsung Galaxy Note 10


  • S Pen
  • Better chipset (since both the phones use Exynos in Nepal)
  • More screen real estate
  • Faster charging
  • Larger battery


  • Lower-resolution display
  • Significantly more expensive
  • No bixby button
  • No headphone jack


Samsung Galaxy S10+


  • Better display quality
  • Better selfie camera
  • More affordable
  • Headphone jack


  • Inferior processor


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