Why Do Our Devices Fail?

Hello friends. This time I thought to write about the most abundant and serious but not thought and talked problem of the world.In simple worlds it is a post about the reasons that causes computer problems or any other electronic devices problems. Have you ever thought thatwhy only your computer, laptop or mobile breaks down but the ATM machine never blows out or the space station doesn’t fall down and “Why does grandpa’s tick-tock lasts longer than my Rolex?”The main reason that no company would ever tell you is “It’s Just Business.”

      broken-phoneThe companies have grown stronger and the consumers have grown blind. The market is rearing the cattle of consumers as their will.The truth of all the messed up things lies in history.It was in 1920s when the “Phoebus Cartel” took place.This was the cartel that was joined by many light bulb manufacturing companies who decided to reduce the lifetime of the light bulbs.This was beneficial for industries because if bulbs last long than the market will be low and down.This thing was easily digested by the people and no one thought about it and everyone took it normally.Then the nest step was of Apple to reduce the life of battery and this was also successful. 
Have you ever heard about”Kill Switch”? It is a thing found by some hackers which is inside a printer that kills the printer after programmed number of prints are reached which is a untold truth that everyone should know. I think you must have got that why the devices and gadgets you bought die only after the warranty period promised by the merchant.The people only look for specification and looks.They see 2 years warranty or a scheme of some soft wares and they just buy it. We don’t care about long term use of it or other problems such as short circuiting or overheating and other components failure.that arises usually but is not part of the warranty agreement. All the companies want is just you to bus more things. If your devices work for one year or for  all over it’s warranty period and it goes you will never want to repair it because the market will be so much attracting that you will definitely want to buy a new one because all they say is that “This is latest innovation with unparalleled power till now.”.But what you get is just 1GHZ overclocked processor than the old one and a bright colored thing in the series and a carrier.
So I think you all understand it well how you are sucked up by the companies.Now is the time to chage things frinds and it should start it from us.We can see that there are many devices launching in the market that aren’t even necessary to us and we buy and it fails. So be wise guys and be happy.Adios.


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