Is it worth buying Microsoft Surface 2

It is worth buying Microsoft Surface 2
It is worth buying Microsoft Surface 2

Microsoft had recently unveiled two powerhouse tablets, namely Microsoft Surface 2 and Microsoft Surface Pro 2.

Both are quite a looker. In this article, I will be putting forward my view on whether Microsoft Surface is worth buying! Surface 1 and Surface 2 both have killer look and there is hardly any place where we can complain.  The only place where we can complain  however will be the positioning in portrait position. It is really difficult to hold the tablet in portrait position. It is really worth buying the Surface 2, let’s find out!

The real problem with the Surface 2 will undoubtedly be the  software.  Microsoft neither runs Windows 8/7 nor Android. Microsoft has built a different OS for their RT devices and they call it Windows RT 8.1. No, it won’t run any of the Windows apps (.exe). That is where Surface 2 disappoints you. Instead of having uncountable software (apps), you are limited to some millions of apps. But trust me. this is the only thing that I can complain about surface 2. Other than that, there is barely anything that I can complain about.

Is it worth buying the Surface 2
Microsoft Surface looks killer!

The Surface 2 is beautifully crafted. It looks stunning. It is well speced. It has the most powerful ARM chip running inside it, i.e nVidia Tegra 4 CPU @ 1.7GHz with 2 GB of RAM. It has clear black display with Full HD resolution. It has native 16: 9 ratio which is great for games and movies. There is USB 3.0 on board as well as micro-sd slot for memory expansion. It has HDMI port as well. Battery life has improved by 25% as well in comparison to its predecessor. The device has great viewing angles as well. It has got that built in kickstand as well which is a nice addition. You get free Skype (international) calls for 1 year as well as 200 GB of SkyDrive Cloud Storage for 2 years. There is a 5MP rear facing camera and 3.5Mp front facing camera. This tablet can record full HD video with Stereo sound recording!Microsoft has really tried hard to attract people to buy the Surface 2. They have even priced it properly! The Surface 2 is priced at 449$ will be available in US at the end of October.

It is really hard to recommend Surface 2 to people. It depends on personal preference. If you ask me whether I would get it, my answer would undoubtedly be Yes! The simple reason would be it meets all my needs. It has awesome built and browses web perfectly. App support is improving as well. Major applications are already available and it isn’t that expansive. So, think about it. You may still want the Surface 2!


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