Xiaomi launches Mi Band 2 alongside with plethora of accessories


I am personally a big fan of Mi products. I very much understand that Xiaomi products are a little overpriced in Nepal but if can go past that, trust me, you will love the products very much. Just yesterday, Xiaomi announced they are launching Mi accessories in Nepal and there’s a lot of them. So the list of Xiaomi Mi accessories that are available now for purchase include Xiaomi Mi 10000mAh powerbank, Mi Band 1, Mi Band 2, Mi USB Fan, Mi Selfie Stick, Mi Capsule earphone, Mi In-Ear Headphones Pro, Mi WiFi Amplifier, Mi LED Light Prime and Mi VR Play.

As you would expect, all the accessories are priced a little higher than you would expect. But even if so, these are the best accessories you can buy for the price in Nepal right now. Let’s start with the most exciting accessory that most of us were anticipating for a very long time, the Xiaomi Mi Band 2. 

1) Mi Band 2mi-band-2-nepal-technonepal

The Mi Band 2 is a smart watch/ fitness accessory with a built-in heart rate monitor. It also has got a 0.42 Oled screen which gives basic stats like steps taken, calories burnt, battery remaining, distance traveled and time. The band is interchangeable in the Mi Band 2. The battery of Mi Band 2 lasts for around 20 days. You connect the Mi Band to your phone via Bluetooth and you can get notifications including calls, messages and emails. The Mi Band 2 is also whether sealed. The price of Mi Band 2 in Nepal is Rs. 4,499.

2) Mi USB Fanxiaomi_mi_usb_fan-technonepal-nepal

Mi USB Fan is a made from plastic and draws 1W power. It can be connected to any device with USB port. You can even connect it to your smartphone using a OTG cable. There is nothing smart about this fan. You can get Chinese USB Fan for half the price which works just as well. The price of Mi USB Fan is Rs.550. It’s not worth buying here in Nepal in winter, is it? 

3) Mi Selfie Stickmi-selfie-stick-nepal-technonepal

Mi Selfie is smart in a sense that it connects to your smartphone via bluetooth. You can then use the shutter button to take a selfie. The Mi Selfie stick is available in three colors including peach, blue and gray. The selfie stick is light at just 150gm (lighter than many phones) and can be extended up to 85cm. While the stick itself is made from aluminum to reduce weight, the handle is made from silica for comfortable grip. According to the specs, the selfie stick only works on Android as well as iOS 6 and above. Since it uses Bluetooth, it needs to be powered, right? The price of Mi Selfie Stick in Nepal is Rs.1,500

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4) Mi Capsule Earphone


The Mi Capsule Earphone is a basic earphone from the company targeted especially to those who own a Xiaomi phone. Why? Well, none of the Xiaomi phones come with a headset included, not even their flagship phones like the Redmi Pro and Mi5. As such, if you are not an audiophile, this headset is the one you should get. The price of Mi Capsule earphone in Nepal is Rs.1,899 and the sound quality is comparable to that of Apple earpods. Though being completely honest, it sounds a notch tiny while compared to the Apple counterpart. 

5) Mi In-Ear Headphones Promi-in-ear-headphone-pro-technonepal-nepal

Looking for a really good earphone without breaking the bank? Well, the Mi In-Ear headphones pro is the way to go. While I wouldn’t call this headphone cheap to buy, it is well worth the money. This in-ear headphone is much better than buying cheap Skull candy knock-offs. The price of Mi In-Ear headphones Pro in Nepal is Rs.3,299.

6) Mi Wifi Amplifiermi-wi-fi-amplifier-nepal-technonepal

The Mi WiFi Amplifier is a WiFi extending device which receives signal from the router and sends the signal to other devices near it. It is very easy to setup and works best with Mi Router. However, it will work just fine with other routers as well. If you are having hard time getting good WiFi signal on your smartphone or any other device, this is the way to go. The Mi Wifi Amplifier almost doubles the range your router would normally provide. The price of Mi Wifi Amplifier in Nepal is Rs.1,500.

7) Mi LED Light Primemi-led-light-prime-nepal-technonepal

The Mi LED Light Prime is a basic LED light which outputs 1.5W of power. Though the name of the light is very fancy, all it does is give light. As with the USB fan, if you can get a cheap Chinese light, we recommend you to get it against this one. The price of Mi LED Light Prime is Rs.800.

8) Mi VR Play


This is another accessory a lot of enthusiasts had asked for. Finally, it is here and is really worth the money. The price of Mi VR Play is Rs. 2,000. It works on any smartphone ranging from 4.7inch to 5.7inch. However, you should make sure that your device has a gyroscope. Many entry level smartphone don’t have it. The headset itself is very light and comfortable to use.

So, these are the Xiaomi Mi accessories that are available in Nepal right now for purchase. Personally, I think Mi Band 2, the In-ear headphones pro and the Mi VR headset is worth a look and others not so much. What do you think? Do leave your thoughts below in the comment section. As always, thanks for reading this post. Catch you in another one!


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