Xiaomi Nepal Issues notice against Grey market products

Vatsal Impex Pvt. Ltd. the official distributor of Xiaomi smartphones in Nepal has recently issued a notice warning consumers about the Grey market products available here in Nepal. The notice also urged Xiaomi smartphone users to register and authenticate their products IMEI number from the official Xiaomi Nepal’s website.

Grey market products of Xiaomi smartphones are widely available in the market. They are obviously a lot cheaper than the official products sold by Vatsal Impex. But they, however, don’t provide the warranty services offered by the official distributor even though they claim to do so.

Visit: Xiaomi Nepal’s Official Website

mi-nepal-notice-techno-nepalOne major factor that differentiates the official products from the grey market ones is that the official Xiaomi smartphones are labeled to be made in China while the grey counterparts are labeled to be made in India. The authentic product will also have a sticker, a hologram and a warranty card branded by Vatsal Impex.

Many consumers are lured into buying such Grey market products due to its somewhat cheaper price. The dealers selling such Grey market Xiaomi smartphone falsely assure costumers about warranty and after-sales services. But they will sadly not receive any such services from Vatsal Impex. So buyers are made aware only to buy Xiaomi smartphones from Vatsal Impex and their official distributors.

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And to check whether or not your Xiaomi smartphone is an official one go to Xiaomi Nepal’s official website and authenticate your phone. By authenticating your phone you can confirm the status of your device along with the remaining warranty time. This initiation from Vatsal Impex will undoubtedly help prevent consumers from being cheated and will also help ensure that they are getting authentic Xiaomi products here in Nepal.


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