ZTE V7 Lite In-Depth Review: High tech on Budget


ZTE V7 Lite is a phone ZTE Mobile Nepal is pushing really hard to get into the Nepali smartphone market and the phone has been doing really well so far. The V7 Lite is one of the dozen phones that you can get for under Rs.20,000 in Nepal. Priced at Rs.18,990, the ZTE V7 Lite is one of the better phones in the price bracket. The phone has some standout features too. But is it worth your money? Let’s find out in this ZTE V7 Lite In-Depth Review.


zte-v7-lite-in-depth-reviewGone are the times where manufacturers got away making phones out of plastic. The ZTE V7 Lite, even at this price point has an all metal aluminum body. From the looks of the phone, there is very little to complain. On the front, we have proximity and ambient light sensor as well as an 8MP front camera. There’s another feature selfie lovers are bound to love and that is the inclusion of front flash. Below the 5″ 720p display sits 3 capacitive buttons. 

On the back, we have a 13MP rear camera with single LED flash. Below the camera module, there is a fingerprint scanner which is a rarity in phone under Rs.20,000. There is a mono speaker at the back too. 

Display and Battery Life

zte-v7-lite-in-depth-reviewThe ZTE V7 Lite has a 5-inch IPS display with 720p screen resolution. The display is good and colors are vivid. Being a 720p HD display on a 5-inch phone, text and images look quite sharp. Unless you intentionally look for pixels, you won’t complain about the display. Viewing angles is also reasonably good. 2 people can view the display at once without having any issues of color shift. 

If there’s one thing that failed to impress us was the outdoors visibility of the phone. Even with the brightness set to maximum, it has hard to figure out what was written on the display of the phone.

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The ZTE V7 Lite packs a 2500mAh battery. For a 5-inch phone with 720p screen resolution, the battery size is just decent. And the real world performance shows the same result. The battery life of ZTE V7 Lite is average at best. The phone will get you through a day and that’s about it. If you are a power user, you may need to carry the included charger around. If you are light user, you can return home with 20% charge. Do note that using dual-SIM will affect battery life significantly especially in places where network reception is poor. Charging the phone using the included power brick also takes quite a lot of time to fully charge.


The ZTE V7 Lite comes with MediaTek MT6735P SoC. It is an entry level chip from MediaTek but it works surprisingly well on the V7 Lite. During my 1 month usage, the phone ran without any hiccups. No, it won’t play your high-end games like the Dead Trigger 2 or the Asphalt 8 smoothly but playing games like Fruit Ninja and Mini Militia was no problem. One thing you will really love about this phone is the fact that it barely heats up. We can’t say this to a lot of phones nowadays. 

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The 2GB of RAM that comes with the ZTE V7 Lite plays really well with the phone too. Switching between apps was a non-issue. What truly impressed us was the level of optimization you get with the phone. The phone feels solid and so does the software. Everything with feels well put together. There is very little to complain about the performance of the phone. 

Phone and Video

zte-v7-lite-in-depth-reviewThe ZTE V7 Lite comes with 13MP Rear Camera and an 8MP Front Camera. the interesting part is that both the camera module have their own flash unit. The front flash isn’t as bright and smoothens out the phones. Let’s talk about the rear camera first.

The rear 13MP camera of the ZTE V7 Lite is decent at best. Don’t be fooled by the mere “13” word. The photo resolution has very little to do with the quality of the image. And it’s clearly the case here. The phone takes okay photos at bright sunlight and performs poorly in low-lit situations. If you are looking to buy a phone with good camera, we think you should look elsewhere.

The 8MP front camera takes averages photos too. During daylight, the phones look really good but we found the images to be over sharpened. In environments where light wasn’t enough, the images only looked so-so. However, the front flash helps when things get way too dark. 


zte-v7-lite-in-depth-reviewThe rear mounted ZTE V7 Lite speaker gets really loud and doesn’t distort even at maximum volume. Although the positioning of the speaker isn’t ideal, it sounds really well. Though the low-end punch is clearly lacking, the same can be said about 90% of the phones in this price range. The DAC of the phone is average too. Driving basic 3.5mm jack enabled earphones didn’t prove to be any problem to the phone. We tried the earpods that comes with the iPhone and the phone handled the audio really well. 

Software & Fingerprint Scanner

If there’s one thing we absolutely loved about the ZTE V7 Lite, it has to be the software. Simply put, the ZTE V7 Lite has the best software for a phone that costs under Rs.20,000. There are all kinds of settings to tweak the phone to your liking. If customization is the key, things can’t get better than the ZTE V7 Lite. 

zte-v7-lite-in-depth-reviewYou even get all kinds of settings for the fingerprint scanner. For instance, you can swipe down the notifications using the fingerprint scanner. Also, you can change the volume using the scanner. If that wasn’t enough, you can double tap the fingerprint scanner to take a screenshot. 

The ZTE V7 Lite runs on Android 6.0 Marshmellow and from what we hear the phone will get Android 7.0 Nougat sometime in the future. The software and the hardware of the V7 Lite play very well together. Though the ZTE V7 Lite has a lot of apps, it doesn’t feel very bloated. Over all, we love the fact that the phone runs on really good software. And yes, there’s a fingerprint scanner at the back. Though it’s not very fast, it get’s the job done. 


zte-v7-lite-in-depth-reviewAll-in-all, we think ZTE V7 Lite is a really good phone with great features. For under Rs.20,000, you can’t go wrong with this phone. Also, if you shop around, you can get this phone for  a lot cheaper. We love the build, design and also the software of the phone. The fingerprint scanner is icing on the cake. 

From our side, we absolutely think that this phone is steal and we highly recommend you to get this phone. 


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