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Accurate Accessories Brand Launched in Nepal [Price List]


A new mobile accessories brand- Accurate has officially entered Nepal. Bhavik International, the company that is launching the brand believes that there is a dire need for quality accessories brand in Nepal.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro Launched in Nepal for Rs. 26,999


Mi Nepal has officially launched the Xiaomi Note 8 Pro in Nepal. The Note 8 Pro was one of the most requested phones by Mi Fans in Nepal- and we are finally getting it. The price of Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro in Nepal is Rs.26,999 for the 6/64GB variant, Rs. 29,999 for the 6/128GB variant and Rs. 32,999 for the 8/128GB variant .

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+: S-Pen Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is the best smartphone you can buy in Nepal – there’s no doubt about that. And the one feature that makes it so different from the competition has to be the S-Pen feature.

Samsung Galaxy S10: 6-months Review


Samsung phones in the past were criticized for their performance in the long run. And it was really so. After six months or so, either the battery didn’t last as long or the phone would slow down for no apparent reason. Is it the same for the Galaxy S10? Well, let’s find out!

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Long-term Battery Life Review


While it’s not usual for us to write reviews about the battery life of phones, this one is an exception. The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ has one of the best battery life in any smartphone and we wanted to test exactly how good it really is. So, this is our Note 10+ Long-Term Battery Review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ Unboxing: What’s Inside?


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ is undoubtedly the best smartphone you can buy in Nepal right now. Sure, it’s also the most expensive Android phone, but just remember that you won’t be able to buy a better phone even if you are willing to pay more.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Note 10+ available


The Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and the Note 10+ are both available for purchase across Nepal. The price of the Galaxy Note 10 in Nepal is Rs. 116,000 while the Galaxy Note 10+ is priced at Rs. 135,000.

Is the Redmi K20 Pro worth Rs. 50,000 in Nepal

After the Pocophone, Xiaomi is looking to shake the smartphone market of Nepal with the Redmi K20 Pro. For those who didn’t know already, the K20 Pro is the flagship phone of Redmi- Xiaomi’s sub-brand. The price of Redmi K20 Pro in Nepal is Rs. 50,000 which is comparable pricing compared to the international pricing.. In article article, let’s find out whether the K20 Pro is worth your money.

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