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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: Long-term Review Nepal


I have been using the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for 2 months now. And here’s what bad, good and amazing about this Samsung flagship phone. This is the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Long-term Review.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9: S-Pen Review


The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the best smartphone you can buy in Nepal – there’s no doubt about that. And the one feature that makes it so different from the competition has to be the S-Pen feature. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 : Long Term Battery Review


While it’s not usual for us to write reviews about the battery life of phones, this one is an exception. The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 has one of the best battery life in any smartphone and we wanted to test exactly how good it really is. So, this is our Note 9 Long-Term Battery Review. 

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 receives Camera software update


Samsung has just pushed out a firmware update for the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The new update brings a lot of new features of which most are improved camera features. The software update file size is 345MB and is rolling out region by region.

Samsung Galaxy A7 2018 Pre-booking open (with Freebies)


Samsung mobile Nepal has just started the pre-booking for the Samsung Galaxy A7 2018. The A7 2018 is the first Samsung phone to come with three rear cameras at the rear. There’s also a beefy 24-megapixel camera at the front. The phone is available for pre-booking starting on 12th of October and runs until the 4th of November.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 launched in Nepal for Rs. 1,09,900


Anyone holding on for the Galaxy Note 9, here’s a good news! The Note 9 is officially available in Nepal. The phone was available for pre-order until the 30th of August. The price of the Galaxy Note 9 is Rs. 1,09,900 in Nepal.

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 available for Pre-Booking


Just a few days ago, we had our hands-on experience with the Samsung Galaxy Note 9. The phone is now available for pre-booking and can be yours for just Rs. 1,09,900. While it may not look cheap, compare the price to the price of the phone in the international market including India and the US, and you will be surprised to know that the price is the lowest in Nepal.

Samsung Nepal hosts Bloggers Meet for the Galaxy Note 9


Samsung Nepal hosted a Bloggers Meet before the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 in Nepal. The Bloggers Meet, as always, was an interactive session between the Bloggers and the team from Samsung Nepal where we primarily discussed the upcoming Galaxy Note 9. 

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